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TAWASCO And Jalingo Water Scarcity


I am writing to you today to express my deep

concern about the current water scarcity affecting the residents of the state metropolis. This shortage of water has caused significant hardship for many families, businesses, and institutions in the area.


I urge you to prioritize the provision of water to the citizens of Taraba State, as access to clean water is a fundamental right. It is essential that you take immediate action to increase the flow of water in the pipelines to alleviate this dire situation


The lack of water has had a detrimental impact on the daily lives of the people of Taraba State. The absence of this essential resource has disrupted many aspects of life, including hygiene, sanitation, and agriculture. This scarcity of water is not only a matter of inconvenience but also poses a serious threat to public health and safety.


Furthermore, the prolonged period of water shortage has placed a significant burden on families and businesses. In this time of crisis, it is essential that the Taraba State Water Supply and Sewerage Corporation take swift and decisive action to ensure that every citizen has access to the water that they need and deserve.

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