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Dr Agbu Kefas And His Campaign Promises Fulfillment One After The Other


Engr Wapan Bahar 


The promises made by His Excellency Dr AgbuKefas been fulfilled in a resounding manner, bringing great joy and satisfaction to the people of Taraba State .Throughout this few months, he has remained committed to his words and has strived to fulfill every promise he made to the Tarabans.


One of the key promises that His Excellency made was to improve the economy and create job opportunities for the people. Through his strategic policies and initiatives, the economy has experienced significant growth, about to result in numerous job creation opportunities in various sectors. This has not only improved the standard of living for the people but has also boosted the state overall development.


In addition, His Excellency promised to improve the healthcare system and provide better access to quality healthcare for all. True to his words, he has invested in upgrading healthcare in Ussa LGA, very soon the facilities will be in place, in the move to recruit skilled healthcare professionals, and implementing programs to ensure affordable healthcare for all. As a result, others local government area now have access to better healthcare services, leading to improved health outcomes.


Furthermore, His Excellency pledged to prioritize education and provide equal opportunities for all to receive a quality education. He has fulfilled this promise by investing in the education sector, building schools in rural areas, and providing scholarships to underprivileged Tarabans. As a result, the literacy rate has significantly increased, and more students are now able to pursue higher education.


Another crucial promise made by His Excellency was to tackle corruption and promote transparency in governance. He has taken strict measures to fight any kind of corruption, resulting in a significant decrease in corrupt practices in any perspective in Taraba State.



Commissioner of Agriculture and Food Security, Hon. Prof. Nicholas Oliver Namessan, led a consortium of Special Agro processing zone and a team from African Development Bank led by  Mr.Bashir Gaya to project site in Lau Local Government Areas of the state for more of on the site studies.



Hon Zanau Hassan Maikasuwa with Governor AgbuKefas after being sworn in as Special Adviser on Agriculture and Food Security to the Governor of Taraba State

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