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Jukun Community Accuses Wukari/Ibi Representative of Marginalization

The Jukun people of Wukari and Ibi Federal Constituency in Taraba state have accused their represen...


Your Excellency Sir,

I extend warm regards to you. I am writing to express my concern and passionate appeal on the reflections of Takum kingship (Ukwe). It is imperative and our responsibility that we tread carefully to preserve the unity and dignity of the Kwararafa kingdom and also for the sake of our generation yet unborn.

Your Excellency, I acknowledge your tireless efforts and contributions towards the positive reforms and development of our dear state with profound gratitude. 

Your decision and ideology of creating three chiefdoms within Takum between Kuteb, Kpazon and Chamba is destructive idea that cannot only destruct Takum but Wukari our home town which is the Spiritual Capital of Kwararafa kingdom.

Your Excellency, 90% of your people are not happy or either in support of your decision to rotate Ukwe Takum stool with Chamba which is under the administration of our great Aku but because of fear and how to approach you. It looks like blood is now mixed with water and the heart had shift from it's original position that is making the love of brotherhood wax cool and hatred taking control of the souls of the mighty in the land of Kwararafa Kingdom.

Takum is well known as a Kwararafa hub with a Kwararafa Chieftaincy Stool well know as UKWE TAKUM. Takum is well known as a progeny of Kwararafa right from the beginning of time to this day of its great struggle over decade. Is Takum standing alone in the midst of all these misery? Is Ukwe Takum stool not from Kwararafa again?

Your Excellency, You can recalled that the immediate pass government under Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku, who is from Takum couldn't allow to be mislead by mischievous people to rotate Ukwe Takum stool.

It's now that a true son of Wukari the Capital of Kwararafa kingdom wants to get entangled in the web of denying our Kuteb brothers and sister their rightful throne and rotate their heritage which is under Aku Uka with a stranger? Kuteb in Takum need you now to stand with them as one of their son from Kwararafa.

Furthermore, Ukwe Takum Stool is a line of Kwararafa dynasty; a Stool long established by Kuteb ancestors of the Jukunoid of Takum, well rooted on ground of justice and truthfulness. It needs to be preserved from destruction, Your Excellency if you can't give UKWE TAKUM STAFF OF OFFICE, I advice you to leave it, because Kuteb people have fulfilled their traditional right and already selected UKWE RIMAMNYANG HABU AHMADU II as UKWE TAKUM it's our heritage from Kwararafa, and we can't watch it snatched by a stranger with your support because Gen Danjuma has done alot or we want his money for development .

It is very unfortunate that our people are silent watching our beloved son selling out our heritage which is well rooted from the Kwararafa to non Kwararafa , Can we exchange our traditional stool and ancestral heritage with development? but I stand firmly for the truth and path of Justice.

To our beloved Kuteb brothers and sisters, all over the globe, the actions of our son Dr. Agbu Kefas should not be a blame to every wapan man and it should not put us in disarray. We all know how God through the help of our ancestor kept Ukwe stools all this while (28yrs) Our prayer and support are with you all.



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