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Political Parties In Taraba Not Including Students In Campaign, NUTASS Calls For Inclusion

National Union of Taraba State Students (NUTASS), the apex Taraban student body has cried out over non-inclusion in election campaign council of political parties in Taraba State.

NUTASS national president Amb. Khalid Haris Haruna in a statement described it as disregard for student constituency and the supreme body of Taraban students.

"On behalf of all Taraba State Students, the National Union of Taraba State Student(NUTASS), hereby call on all political parties for the above subject matter.

"It is very unfortunate that NUTASS as the supreme body of Taraba State Students with over 1.3 million students, making up a large portion of the electorate is neglected in being part of the campaign council or team of any political party. 

"And for that, Taraba State Students feel that there is no consideration or regard for the apex student association and for student constituency.

"Therefore, the National Union of Taraba State Student (NUTASS), hereby calls for immediate inclusiveness of Taraba State Students in the State campaign council."

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