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Court Stops 'Peace Committee' From Mounting Roadblocks, Extorting Motorists In Donga

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APC Can’t Win Elections in Taraba, it’s an ‘Abuja Party’ – Abubakar Bawa

Special Adviser on political matters Taraba State Governor Darius Ishaku, Alhaji Abubakar Bawa said the leading opposition party in the state, All Progressives Congress, APC cannot win any election in the state because its chieftains has all relocated to Abuja and lost touch with happenings in the state.


Responding  to a press conference by the Taraba State Chairman of APC, Barr Ibrahim El-Suldi, who accused the Governor of lying about his achievements in the state, Bawa  in an interview with our reporter in Jalingo said  the APC is seeking for relevance ahead of next general election.

His words: "first of all I want to make it very clear that, you know to pass examination in politics, is for somebody to win election one and win election two. If you win the second time it means you have passed exams. But you see for APC, in Taraba state, they can say anything they want to say, they are always the losers.


" And what did you expect them to say, since they loss election, the first tenure, they relocated to Abuja. They forgot about what is happening in Taraba and now again, after the loss election, they went back to Abuja, they are not in Taraba. They are not visible in Taraba so what do you expect them to say.

"Anything the Government says or anything PDP say, they will say it's not correct. But the reality is on ground. The developmental project are on ground. It is not hidden. The governor says he has touched every ward and that is the correct. He has touched every ward in Taraba State.


"For example the party chairman of APC, right now that I am talking to you, they are now renovating one clinic to standard in Garbabi ward where he comes from. Is he aware of that?  He doesn't know. Almost all primary school in Gashaka local government and in his ward have been reconstructed, renovated and put up to standard.


"That is why in WAEC, Taraba has rose from 34.3% tin 2014 to  85% in performance, that is  because we have good structures in our schools, it  because we have good teachers  which APC was expecting us to retrenched workers.

Governor Darius said no instead to retrenchment of workers, rather he  will employ more and they are not happy about that. Is that not development. So this people they have already relocated to Abuja they are not in Taraba. They don't know the happenings in Taraba State. So if u want to criticize the government it should be done objectively.  We are willing to conduct the APC leaders in Taraba State around  the wards to show them the numerous projects carried out by this government . But they are in Abuja, they are not living in Taraba talk less of their ward or  local government.

"The message I have for the party chairman is he should come join us come help the Tarabans to develop. We are already on course. The Governor has already put Taraba on a good footing. The Governor is working and I am telling you he is not going to stop. People are happy.


Because there are benefiting from our  many projects particularly the one at the rural communities, go to the ward like even in my own local government, one day I was in Gembu, when I saw the school been built by this administration, I was shocked. You will not believe that it is a primary and, secondary school, you will think it's a mini university because of the standard of that school and you see, go to our General Hospital in Gembu, it's not like before, but somebody will just stay in Abuja and will be criticizing and it is only when politics is approaching, you see the APC people coming back to Taraba to criticize government.


" Well, Tarabans are not so stupid, they are not foolish that they don't know what they are doing. They know the APC is not a serious party to belong, that's why they have always voted the PDP. They gave PDP the first tenure and second tenure and I want to assure you that's PDP is on the ground in Taraba State and people are happy with what the government is doing, we will provide the APC with documents containing the achievements of Governor Ishaku for them to go through it and visit their wards to see the projects and achievements of this rescue mission, they will understand that Tarabans will reject them again by 2023," Bawa said.


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