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How Creation of Chiefdoms Brought Lasting Peace to Taraba Communities

The creation and upgrading of some traditional institutions by Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku of Taraba state, have no doubt brought to an end the shedding of bloods and destruction of property that was in the past associated with the state. 

The governor who on assumption of office urged the people to give him peace in order for him to herald the much needed growth to the state wasted no time in taking bold steps towards ending the incessant killings in Taraba communities which was link.

Before ascending the number one position in the state, Taraba , it would be recalled, was the epicenter for mindless killings and destruction of property, the situation which did not only paralyzed commercial activities, but also dragged the state several kilometers backward. 

Aware that good governance promotes peace while bad governance generates high level of insecurity and crisis, in his quest to achieve the desired peace, mechanisms for the creation and upgrading of some the traditional rulers which was widely applauded by the people was immediately put in place.

In his communications to the state House of Assembly which was read on the floor of the House, second class Chiefs who includes Kona Chiefdom in Jalingo LGA, Bakundi and Dakka l in Bali LGA, Kwajji and Mumuye Chiefdoms in Yorro LGA, Mutum - Biyu and Gassol Chiefdoms, Lau, Kurmi and Ibi Chiefdoms, were those observed to have been upgraded 

The governor who in his quest to end the unrests did not only stop at the upgrading of the chief, but also took the bull by the horns by creating adding chiefdoms among which includes; Akwana, Kente, Bantaje, Matan Fada, and Tosukundi in Wukari council .

Other chiefdoms observed to have been created which have no doubt ignited peace to the communities are Sarkin Kudu and Dampar in Ibi local government , Kamkam, Mbamnga, Kabri Chiefdom, Kuma, Nguroje, Ndumyaji, in Sardauna local government council, Zing , Takum and Ussa local government councils were as well not left out as Munkin, Bete, Chanchanji ,Lissam and Kpambo were also fretted with chiefdoms. 


The creation of the chiefdoms, have not only laid to rest the incessant upheavals but have as well continued to herald the much desired growth to the communities as that have also brought the government closer to the people especially those domiciling in rural communities. 

Accepting that unrest in communities have drastically been reduced to the barest minimum follow the creation of chiefdoms, some community leaders who spoke with our correspondent, said the sole action of the governor have not only salvaged them but have as well mopped up the tears streaming down their cheeks. 

The late chief of one of the newly created Chiefdom , Mbondua Mbamnga, Ambassador Emmanuel Njiwah, it would be recalled said that the creation of the chiefdoms by governor Ishaku "remains the greatest achievement of the present generation of Mbamnga race."

The governor, who said the decision by his administration to create new chiefdoms was not in any way attempt to balkanize the state into ethnic groups or cause confusion, said that he decided to create more chiefdoms in order to bring government closer to the people and to foster peace and unity in the state.

More so, the decision of his administration's reforms in the traditional institution , he said was to give all ethnic groups in the state a sense of identity, and not to balkanize the state into ethnic blocks, adding that his administration target was to give all ethnic extractions in the state a sense of identity, and to also correct the mistakes of the past.

The reform and repositioning of the traditional institution in the state which have not only compelled various warring groups to sheath their swords, have also continued to received accolades from the majority of the people.

Ishaku who pledged the commitment of his administration, noted that he would stopped at nothing in providing and supporting traditional institutions with relevant incentives and policies to  thrives and prospers in the state.

The governor described the traditional stools as a noble institution that were capable of building sound and healthy society through the promotions of norms and values, stated that all hands must be on deck  toward reforming the society in a quest of establishing good moral values to the upcoming generation.

He posited that it has become binding on all stakeholders in the community to continue to be depending on the role of traditional rulers as the custodian of culture and tradition to reawaken the psyche of citizenry on the importance of communal coexistence.

Darius emphatically stated that in the wake of insecurity which engulfed people in the country, traditional rulers should brace up to their responsibilities by inculcating sound teaching to rid society of bad eggs.

Speaker of Taraba State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Joseph Albasu Kunini,  while commending  Ishaku , described him as an emancipator by creating chiefdoms and districts for the diverse people in the state.

According to the speaker, the creation of the various chiefdoms and districts across the state by the governor actually liberated the people from shackles of oppression and deprivation for several decades.

"Taraba state has had several governors and administrators in the past, but none had the courage to create chiefdoms and districts than Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku who made history by meeting the yearnings of the people by emancipating them from several decades of oppression and deprivation.

"Since the creation of Lau local government area, we had not gotten what we have today, the autonomy for the people of Appawa. We thank Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku for the creation of chiefdoms and districts to give the people autonomy and sense of belonging in the scheme of things in the State.

Accepting that the creation of the chiefdoms have not only brought the government closer to the people, but have as well put to rest the incessant crisis which have in the past pitched the people against themselves, the permanent Secretary, Bureau Chief Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Alhaji Bello Yero, who disclosed that the governor has in the last 5 years, upgraded and appointed a total number of 64 chiefs across the sixteen local government areas of the state, said that the feat has brought relative peace back to the state.

Yero who tenaciously believed that the decision of the governor have gone a long way to make the various warring communities sheath their swords by coming together as one, said that the action, if not distorted by the next administration, Taraba, according to him "would forever remain peaceful."

Aligning his weight to that of Yero, Uchena Udom, a business mogul, who claimed to have been domiciling in the state for over twenty years, said "we have never enjoy this type of peace since the creation of this state.

Citing the numerous upheavals that have in the past erupted in the state due to chieftaincies tussles, he observed that since the creation of the numerous chiefdoms, the peace , which according to him, eluded the state in the past have permanently come back to stay.

"As you have seen for yourself, business activities have sprung up in the rural areas of this state, and I can categorically tell you that this was made possible by the governor of this state who on taking over the mantle of leadership decided to yield to the yearnings and aspirations of the people by creating chiefdoms for them.

Also enumerating the various projects presently going on in the entire axis of the rural communities, he noted that it had not been for the peace heralded to the state via the creation of chiefdoms and upgrading some traditional rulers, the dreams of the governor settling down to , Alhaji Audu Uba, believed, would have turned out to be a mirage. 

The Dah-Kpang Sanwi of Sanwi Chiefdom, HRH Pastor Haniel Hinlewheni Banti, in a media interview recently said many communities known to be at loggerhead before now are now coexisting peacefully because of creation of new chiefdoms and districts.

Lamdo Nguroje Chiefdom, Adamu Ardo Bairo said that since he was given the staff of office, he was doing all the necessary efforts to ensure harmonious coexistence among the communities of the chiefdom.

Alhaji Bairo said that he has been holding regular meetings with his district and village heads to intimate them on the need to live cordially with one another which was the practical aim of creating more chiefdoms by Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku.

"Our duty is to ensure our people lives in peace, everybody now knows their chiefdom and it has ended communal crisis in the state, before now our people use to fight over control for land and identity but with the creation of chiefdoms our people now identify with their cultural ancestry. This makes its easier to foster peace. Also we are helping the government in areas of security,  every village now has a head that reports to the District Head and to the Chief of the chiefdom, so we can tell who is in each community, we even screen visitors and report to them to the council before  accommodating  such person into our domain.

The created traditional stools,  as gathered by our state correspondent, have begun yielding results  by bringing governance closer to the people, and that such had been the yearnings of the majority out of the need to sustain their values and culture.


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