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DSK @ 56: My Greatest Joy Is Helping The Less-Privileges


For some, life must be about the stability of their affairs, personal, professional, family, and perhaps frivolities that suits their being. It is either they did not look or looked but failed to see that there is more to life than being a hedonist without recourse to the plight of those whom nature placed beneath them. 


While others, despite their affluence, wealth, and vast connections, still pause to reflect, bend down and see through the lens of those whom the Almighty created specially, those fates has dealt with and identified with them through gatherings of celebrations. 


In the latter group, belongs the Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and Commissioner at the North East Development Commission (NEDC) from Taraba State, Chief David Sabo Kente, who despite his busy schedule never forgets the downtrodden in his to-do list. 


Vulnerable persons including orphans, disabled, and widows across Wukari Local Government Area of the state were recently hosted to a grand party when the APC chieftain clocked 56 and marked it in grand style amidst pomp and pageantry. 


Laced with pure emotions and surprises, the attendees at the Elim Top Suites Wukari, were treated to the best of cuisine and drinks with a sense of belonging and reassurance that they have a pride of place in the midst of others. 


Speaking during the party, Chief David Sabo Kente said that he was fulfilled through the gesture of hosting special people in the society and who oftentimes feel forgotten and neglected. 


According to him, I am happy to host these special members of our community on this special day of my life. Nobody wants to be an orphan, a widow, or disabled.


"These are conditions that any of us could found ourselves in. Unfortunately, we turn to pay little attention to this set of persons in our midst. We are all guilty. It is however very important that we make deliberate efforts to give them hope, show them love and give them that sense of belonging that tells them you also count and your happiness matters," he said. 


Continuing, he said, "what we are witnessing now is just the delivery from decades-long pregnancy. Over the years, our leaders chose to promote selfish interests over national interests. They chose to achieve their political ambitions against all costs, not to serve but to amass wealth for themselves and their families. In the course of this, they have explored our religious and ethnic differences and have created the kind of disunity that now threatens our very existence as a nation. That is also the reason for these terrible levels of poverty among our people.


"Today, Nigeria is on a precipice and it will take divine intervention and conscious efforts on our part to avert a major catastrophe. In the next dispensation, the people must rise to choose leaders with national outlook and interest, leaders, who would promote national interests and uphold justice, equity and fairness.


"Education is the bedrock of every nation and the threat to our education system by this continued abduction of school children is a threat to national sustainability. We have foreigners who are into organized crimes. This is one of the worst things that has happened to Nigeria. We at the North East Development Commission (NEDC) are doing our best to stop the drop out of children from school as a result of insurgency, banditry, militancy or any other guise, but this is a collective responsibility and we all must key into it".


"Community policing, like other suggestions, is a good idea in tackling insecurity but the traditional institutions need to be given more defined and authoritative roles backed by the constitution to perform in their domains if any kind of community policing efforts is to achieve any meaningful result. The traditional institutions in Nigeria must be given a prominent role for us to address insecurity."


Speaking during the event, a 52-year-old widow and mother of seven, Sarah Nyajon, said, "it takes only a man with the heart of gold to remember people like us and to decide to host us to a party. Look at all the big men that are well dressed, he ignored all of them and even told them that his evening was just to be with us. I feel loved and happy for the first time since my husband's death thirteen years ago. Usually, it is during the campaign that people remember us to share salt with us. This is different."

Another widow, Mrs Catharine Usha  while showering prayers for the celebrant recalled how Chief David Sabo Kente  supported her daughter with a scholarship in 2017 stressing that DSK has been supporting various people in the state through his DSK foundation.

"DSK is a blessing to us in Taraba state, he's helping our people irrespective of who there are. His foundation does not know tribe or religion and that is what is lacking in Taraba state. Our leaders are always more concern about their kinsmen but we are one Taraba. DSK believes in one Taraba that's why you can see people of different religion and tribe here today celebrating him. In 2017, we are Tiv and we approached him for assistance for our daughter to gain admission into the University, he supported us and gave our daughter scholarship without asking us any question. He is of the few politician that you can walk into his house for assistance anytime and you won't be disappointed."    

Chief David Sabo Kente through his act of philanthropy has offered to thousands of student scholarships over the years in order to help them further their education and also ease the burdens from their parents, but mostly, he thought it was just a good thing to do.

He has donated handsomely orphanages, disbursed foodstuffs to people on several occasions and during festive periods. DSK as he's fondly referred to never cease to reiterates that he derives deepest satisfactions whenever he meets the needs of people


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