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'Governance Not Suffering In Taraba State’

•Supporters List Gains of Gov. Ishaku Stay In Abuja

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Residents and PDP stakeholders across Taraba State has refuted claims that governance is moving at slow pace in the state, saying the state has achieved more progress and development during Governor Dairus Ishaku recent activities in the nation's capital despite having a domestic accident.

Contrary to what the opposition party and some sections of the media trying to portray, they said Governor Ishaku did not abandon his duty post but suffered an "unfortunate domestic accident" and had to receive medical attention, despite this the governor performed state duties from Abuja .

Coordinator Taraba PDP Concern Leaders Forum Alhaji Aliyu Manzo said all government activities in the state are being executed, noting that recent activities of the Governor have shown his passion to attract development to the state irrespective political difference with the government at the center.

"Infact Taraba state and its people has benefitted more in the last few days, our Governor meeting with the World Bank officials is al

ready yielding results, a Sesame seed processing factory will be established in Taraba state by the Japanesse government, the Governor is holding several meetings and lobbying for more good things for Taraba.

 "If you look at the state, other government activities are going on smoothly. It means that the governor has not been running the state as a private business, he has put structures in place for governance to thrive at various sectors.

"I can tell you that all activities of governance in Taraba state are in order, civil servants who are the engine room of government are doing their jobs; salaries are being paid as at when due, just yesterday the state government presented employment letter to about 300 youths in the State. All these won't happen if governance in Taraba is suffering as claimed," Manzo said.

A former Special Adviser to Governor Ishaku, Hon Ismaila Yushau Maihanchi  said the governor is working on so many projects in the interest of the state, particularly the Mambila Hydro Power project which will changed the face of Taraba State.

"We should be guided on the reasons why the governor is staying longer in Abuja- currently our state has been the bride of many investors from foreign countries and the governor is galvanizing these opportunities. Our Governor wants the best for the State and its people, He was at the World Bank Office; He met and signed a multi-millionaire project with the Japanese Ambassador, held a stakeholder meeting on the Mambila Hydro Power Dam project

You Know Governor  Ishaku  as minister of power (state) redesigned Mambilla dam from 2,000 megawatts to the present 3,050 megawatts capacity, so his knowledge and experience is needed on achieving the project, He has demonstrated rare support in  the actualization of the Mambilla Hydropower dam, The governor at the Abuja meeting again showed strong  resolution to work hand in hand with the Federal Government for the speedy completion of the Mambilla Hydro Electricity project.

"So, is it wrong for the governor to stay in Abuja for a project that is the national dream for stable electricity power, in which our State will be the chief beneficiary? A project his people are critical to its overall success? the project is huge and would significantly alter the social, economic, and cultural lives of members of the host communities and Taraba State in general, hence it required the full attention of the Governor. 

"While the Governor is working in Abuja, the Deputy Governor is also holding forth in the State; both of them are doing their works and they have been synergizing to achieve the goals of rescuing the state. The Governor is elected to work for the people and he is working for the people in Abuja since majority of his work brief at this moment requires him to stay in Abuja, what's wrong spending more time to get the job done," Maihanchi said.

On his part Mr. Malachy Simon Publicity Secretary of the Taraba Interest Group, TIG dismissed claims that government activities were being executed in Abuja.

His words: "Recent reports suggesting that government activities are being executed in Abuja, are nothing but lies. How could any rational person suggest that Governor Ishaku now resides in Abuja? How could that have been possible? We consider the allegations as cheap lies aimed at giving a bad image to our performing governor.

"We want to state here that top government functionaries do not shuttle between Taraba and Abuja to get files signed and memos approved by the Governor as alleged.

"It is important that we correct these erroneous impressions created by those who do not wish the state well. There is no iota of truth in them. Government activities in the state are taking place without hitches. Specifically, the executive, legislature and judiciary are executing their duties in the state as enshrined in the constitution.

"Being a state governor does not mean he should be in the state when there are state matters that may require his presence anywhere outside the state. Governing a state is the collective responsibility of the entire Executive, Legislative and Judiciary arms, not duty of the Governor alone as there are other layers of leadership. Knowing how enormous the responsibilities of a state government are, the constitution made provision for other organs and agents of the government."


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