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Investigation: How Taraba Varsity Bursar Earns Double Salaries For Two Years 


We have seen all manner of reactions to a story published on our 204th Edition, Investigation: How Taraba Varsity Bursar Earns Double Salaries For Two Years.

The newspaper had reported that Bursar of the Taraba State University, Jalingo Mr. Abraham Bagu has been earning double salaries simultaneously from the university and the state government.

After the story went viral in our newspaper and across our digital platforms, various misleading narratives have been sponsored to discredit not only the investigative report but also the newspaper brand and reputation.

A local newsletter in the state had also reported that Taraba Truth and Fact Newspaper falsely accused Mr. Abraham Bagu in its report.

Like other faceless sponsored groups, this ragtag newsletter tried effortlessly to push a twisted narrative that Mr. Abraham Bagu was seconded to the university from the Auditor General's office. This is absolutely false.

Mr. Abraham Bagu was seconded to Taraba State University as Acting Bursar for three months only.

Taraba Truth and Fact Newspaper can authoritatively inform that Mr. Abraham Bagu, just like many others, applied and sat for an interview to seek the position of Substantive Bursar at the Taraba State University Jalingo.

Mr. Abraham Bagu is in possession of an appointment letter appointing him as the Substantive Bursar from the Taraba State University.

Also, the narrative that the Bursar had being remitting back some excess salary paid to his account confirms the infractions and leaves many questions unanswered. 

 If salary was paid in excess, how come the refunds are made by cash to the university purse in this digital era? Mr. Abraham Bagu is the principal head of the bursary department of the university, and the cash office that issues the receipt is under his purview.  

 We challenge Mr. Abraham Bagu to make available all bank accounts linked to his BVN for scrutiny if he has nothing to hide.

 Also, we challenge parties involved in the report who feel dissatisfied, to provide us with verifiable facts contrary to what our newspaper has published. Resorting to throwing tantrums and half truths will not change the content of the report.

 Let us restate here that journalism is not a child's play nor a trade for gatecrasher. It is a noble profession.

 As a credible and reputable newspaper, we stand by every content of this painstaking investigation.

 Finally, we wish to reiterate that some of the finest and most impactful public interest journalism in Taraba State in recent years has been done by us.

Taraba Truth and Fact Newspaper distinguished and dignified journalism is anchored on giving information and holding public officers accountable to the people.


Above all, our fierce pursuit and reporting of the truth on behalf of the public is a fact that bears repeated testimony in words, deeds, and hearts of Tarabans.



Oloye Ayodele Samuel

Managing Editor Taraba Truth and Facts Newspaper

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