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Sadiq Abbas Tafida And The Imperative For A Youthful Representative

World over there seems to be a paradigm shift in governance due to the persistent need to involve and include young persons in all strata of governance to give the very enterprising and energetic demography a sense of belonging and for them to also have a say in how they are governed. 

This argument becomes more germane because young persons with the benefits of hindsight are reputed to be solution providers, critical thinkers, and more creative compared to the oldies whose critical thinking abilities continue to diminish as they age. 

So for me when Hon. Ismaila Maihanci Yushau was elected to serve as the Lawmaker to represent Jalingo/Yorro/Zing Federal Constituency in the hallowed green chambers of Nigeria's National Assembly at the young age of 36, it was a dream come true as that was the first time a person of that age will be elected to such a consequential position at least from the state we come from.

However, the ecstasy and optimism his victory brought to the minds of the young populace, his constituents, and Tarabans, in general, will become short-lived owing to his unfortunate demise weeks before his inauguration as a member of Nigeria's green chambers. 

Since his death, there has been this unending discussion at different fora on the right kind of personality that will wear his very large shoes, particularly in his party the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). These permutations and political horse-trading are what have given birth to the emergence of the very young Sadiq Abbas Tafida as the flag bearer of the (PDP). 

A young Turk in the true sense of the word who has traversed the gamut of Taraba's intricate politicking in a very short while. Sadiq a new-generation leader is bringing to the Table an unusual mindset to lawmaking and representation. 

He says It to all who care to listen that his desire to join partisan politics in our multiparty democracy is to bring the much talked about human face to governance particularly as it relates to the institution of the parliament. 

As someone this writer has interacted with in the past one can say with all sense of responsibility that his private sector experience, His enterprising and innovative spirit managing and giving life to start-ups puts him tall and shoulder above his fellow contenders.

He is so passionate about establishing industries so as to create employment opportunities for the youths. 

An engineer by training, it is expected that he will leverage on his globally acclaimed educational accomplishments in Ivy-league institutions to bring about value adding legislations when eventually elected to parliament.

Another of his qualities that stands him out amongst others is his unparalleled humility. His very profound royal background has not stopped him from engaging with the common man on the street neither has it hindered him from interacting with the high and mighty in the society. 

Many say he is an usual member of the royal Household who is not beclouded by his famed background.  

With barely 23 days to the February 2024 Federal Parliamentary bye-elections it is pivotal to state that electing Engineer Sadiq Abbas Tafida at the polls is not only an option but it has become an obligation so as to build on the political trajectory instituted by the late Maihanci as Jalingo/Yorro/Zing deserves a better deal and cannot afford to continue to recycle political leaders.

Gaddafi a legislative affairs analyst writes from Abuja.

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