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BELLO YERO: The Man Who Adds Value

By Auwal Babangida Kawu

We all need a thinker first, then the worker, then the listener. As prophet Isaiah said, "here a little, there a little." This three-part goal is what Alhaji Bello Yero is cultivating.

So far, so good.


This essayist had recalled meeting him in one hilarious weekend where we both discuss at length about our state Taraba and the project call Nigeria. From my recollection of him, he is a man of great insight, wisdom, talent, discipline and knowledge, a father, a leader, mentor and a motivator. A man of incredible talents and humility, a testament to the fact that only the great are truly humble.


Alhaji Bello Yero, a core civil servant who has seen it all, has been twice a Director Security and Internal Affairs both in Gongola and Government House Jalingo. He has gone round vital ministries like Finance, Local Government Service Commission.


As Sole Administrator, he worked hard day and night, body and soul to save Ibbi local government area from becoming a ghost of its past glory and by extension, what novelist Joseph Conrad calls 'a distorted echo of it past elegancies.' He has been Secretary for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs and later Permanent Secretary.


It is true that no one has the experience of the future, but your co-aspirants are already in a dilemma like that of Okonkwo and his fellow villagers in Chinua Achebe things fall apart, since you show interest to contest your party's primary. If nominated, he will surely lead the party to victory insha Allah.


Two hundred and fifty words as WAEC examiners will say, cannot describe his love for the people of your constituency. He's not materialistic! This is indeed typical of a devout Muslim who believes that the material needs of a human being is insatiable; so the only remedy to human lust and greed is Allah's blessings for a man to be content with his small mercies.


Bello Yero is a man with a tremendous big heart and a mouth to project it, someone who is positive in thoughts, a clear vision and an active mind and all things he is concerned with.


I've very often listened to Bello Yero critics, a few of whom, incidentally, often complain only about how he reacts to issues. These critics, however, are very often disarmed and disappointed once they get the opportunity to meet him in person to explain his reasons for many actions.


On such occasions, it is to listen to his soft but sincere voice uttering words that are not only clear in meaning, but form sentence which are logical and convincing.


What many don't know about Bello Yero is his deep loyalty to worthy cause, his deep sense of humor, his disarming humility.


Alhaji Bello Yero will enjoy the support of those who choose values that are compatible with what we see as progress instead of values that will hold us back as he journeys to represent the good people of Jalingo, Yorro, Zing Federal Constituency.  


Auwal Babangida Kawu writes from Jalingo

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