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‘Government Threatening Us To Accept Rotation Of Ukwe Takum Throne’ - Kuteb Group Alleges

The Kutep Yatso of Nigeria has rejected the rotation of Ukwe Takum throne as proposed by the Darius Ishaku led administration, saying they will never succumb to  threats from government to allow another tribe occupy the Ukwe Takum throne.

In a press conference  organized by the Kutep Yatso of Nigeria (KYN), president of the association, Mr. Emmanuel Ukwen, said the cacant traditional stool of Ukwe Takum has lingered for over

26 years now.

According to the association, the Kuteb traditional stool which has lasted for over 100 years has been preserved for only the Kuteb ruling houses of Likam and Akenten just like other stools that have been upgraded at the same period.


The Kutep Yatso of Nigeria said that the selection process has been handled by only Kuteb Kingmakers without outside influence or interference as, it was based purely on kuteb peoples native law and customs.


However, association said Governor Ishaku in a meeting he summoned on the 30th January, 2023, had indicated interest to change the status quo to make it rotational among kuteb, Chamba and Kpanzo ethnic groups in Takum. 


"The governor claimed that the decision to rotate Takum chieftaincy stools was made jointly by the three ethnic groups. Kuteb delegates at the meeting objected to the claim and the Governor became angry and went on to issue threats", they said.


The association disclosed that the governor had threatened "That he as the Executive Govemor of the state will evoke his executive

power which will enable him do whatever he had told them whether, they like it or not. That if the Kuteb people prove stubborn, he will draft the security in large numbers to takeover streets of Takum to shoot anybody that stands

on his way and that a new palace will be constructed for the new chief in Takum".


According to the Kutep Yatso of Nigeria, "the recent action by the governor seems to confirm the allegation that both the recent war between the Kutebs and Falanis and current chieftaincy issue and Land manipulation by the governor has political under tune aimed at achieving an individual's interest and goal."


"We want to re-emphasize that innocent blood should not be shade because of one's interest or ambition whatsoever", the group warned.


While strongly rejecting the plan to rotate the Ukwe Takum throne, the Kutep Yatso of Nigeria, called on all the security agencies, chief of defence staff, security adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari, Human rights commission and other peaceful minded individuals to note and pay particular attention to the Goveror's open threats to lives.


"Takum has had enough of blood shade in recent past and people have not come out of their woes and sufferings for anybody to steer up another round of blood shade", they added.


Ukwen explained that the stool was upgraded to 3rd class status under the British colonial, 2nd class in 1953  and 1st class in 2005 by the Taraba State government under Rev Jolly Nyame.


He narrated that based on the genealogical ascension to the Ukwe Takum throne, Ukwe Alimudu Gorkwe (Kuted from Likar ruling house) ruled from 1912-1926, Ukwe Hassan Gbankwe (Kuteb from Likam ruling house) 1926-1929, Ukwe Ibrahim Zoito Kulang (Kuteb from Akenten ruling house) 1929-1938, Ukwe Audu Gya Gbankwe (Kuteb from Likam ruling house) 1938-1963, and Ukwe Ali Ibrahim Kufang (Kuteb from Akenten ruling house) 1963-1996.




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