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A .A Liman Unveils Developmental Agenda For Northern Taraba

A.A. Liman, the NNPP senatorial candidate for Taraba North, recently released a six-page manifesto anchored on Egalitarian for Social revitalization for Economic resuscitation ESE in order to create a better Northern Taraba senatorial zone for all constituents, regardless of religion or ethnicity. 

"ESE" addresses critical governance issues that will help drive the development agenda in Taraba North if elected to the National Assembly in the February 25th, 2023 elections. 

The manifesto is projected to solve governance issues such as unemployment, political neglect, social exclusion, as well as to explore the opportunities of educational and business grants. 

According to A.A. Liman, "The manifesto is our mission and vision because it captures the ESE Agenda which is better understood as E for Egalitarian representation, S for Social revitalization and E for Economic resuscitation".

"From the bustling cattle markets of Iware in Ardo-Kola to the buzzing business atmosphere in Jalingo, the fertile lands and rivers of Karim-Lamido and Lau, the tourist hills of Zing, and the ever-productive yam markets of Yorro, Taraba North is abundantly blessed to solve her problems. What has always been lacking is visionary leadership and plans. Our Manifesto is motivated by the desire to halt the decline of hope among Northern Tarabans and to establish a senatorial zone in which the people's future is brighter than their past. This is achievable through the ESE Manifesto, which will restore trust, credibility, and efficiency to governance. "The ESE Agenda is our firm promise to Northern Tarabans and its success is non-negotiable" says A.A. Liman.

Building an egalitarian society necessitates a focus on equal opportunities, treatment, and resources distribution for all individuals, regardless of gender, tribe, socioeconomic status or other factors. As part of the A.A. Liman's senatorial plans to build an egalitarian representation, the ESE Manifesto covers the legislative processes of social inclusion by charting a way for empowering youths, providing equal access to education, business opportunities etc. This will be accomplished not only by sponsoring bills to that effect, but also by developing a leadership model that will provide leadership succession.

The ESE manifesto addresses access to quality education, encourages community engagement, fosters economic empowerment, emphasizes equal rights and opportunities, and supports social movements for all constituents in the pursuit of social empowerment, which necessitates a commitment to creating an inclusive and equitable society, as well as a willingness to listen to the voices and perspectives of marginalized communities among us.

The ESE manifesto will significantly contribute to galvanizing the declining economy and promoting sustainable economic growth in Taraba North by making massive infrastructure investments, encouraging entrepreneurship and small business development, developing and implementing policies that support entrepreneurship and SME development, promoting trade and investment, passing legislation that will implement fiscal policy, encourage innovation, and address economic imbalances. 

Fellow Northern Tarabans, ladies and gentlemen, the goal is to build a vibrant, well-governed, equitable, and prosperous Northern Taraba senatorial zone that puts our people first. Northern Tarabans deserve better. I beseech you all to vote massively for A.A. Liman! 

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