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Jukun Community Accuses Wukari/Ibi Representative of Marginalization

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Tiv Community Meet Aku Uka, Appeal To Return to Ancestral Homeland

· Only Gov't Can Guarantee Your Security- Aku- Uka


The Tiv Cultural and Social Association in Kwararafa have appealed to the Paramount ruler of the kingdom, His Majesty, the Aku Uka of Wukari, Manu Ishaku Ada Ali, Amatakitswen I to allow them return to their ancestral Homeland.




The Tiv community made this appeal during a visit of Tiv village heads, cultural and community leaders during a visit to the Aku Uka of Wukari said the Tiv community is very sad and regret over the crisis they had with the Jukuns.




"Your Royal Majesty, we are indeed very sad with the unfortunate crisis that took place between your subjects, the Tiv and the Jukun. We on our side are very sorry for this unfortunate and ugly situation. We pray that this incident will never happen again in the history of your kingdom. We know that what has happened have brought anger thereby making the people to have taken a harsh decision," they said.


Leaders of the Tiv community said it is now over three years since they have been on exile after the misunderstanding with their brothers, the Jukuns. 


They said the Jukuns and the Tiv are all children of the Kwararafa kingdom and have wronged each other.


"the Jukun and Tiv are all the children of the kingdom. We have wronged each other. We ask for forgiveness. We need reconciliation with our brethren. We plead with your Highest Executive Traditional Council to receive us in our ancestral homes again so that we may contribute to the socio-political and economic life of your kingdom", they said.


The Tiv community leaders intimated the royal father of their delibrate effort since their courtesy visit to his palace on 22nd February, 2022 to ensure the restoration of peace with their Jukun brethren.


They said, "we did not relent in working for permanent peace among ourselves and in Wukari entirely. We constituted a peace committee under the chairmanship of Rev. Joseph U. Ajaver, a retired Pastor of the Christian Reformed Church-Nigeria. He and the team have toured the entire fourteen Chiefdoms within Wukari Local Government Area to sue for peace. 


"We also appealed to all the Tiv leaders and youths in the kingdom to live peacefully with all the people of the land. We have completely disassociated ourselves with any inhuman acts. 


"We have seriously put in motion preventive and proactive measures not to harbor any person or group of persons engaged or engaging in any criminal and illegal activities disturbing the peaceful co-existence in the entire land. On our part, we the Tiv people are on the part of peace, without which there will be no progress. Your Royal Majesty, we are indeed very glad that you have come to the throne at a time like this" they added.


The Tiv community leaders also called on the Taraba State governor Darius Dickson Ishaku to hasten the implementation of the Bali declaration that the Tiv people will soon go back to their ancestral home in Wukari.


They also appealed to the Executive Chairman of Wukari local government and his council members to allow them resettle in their ancestral home.


The Tiv community leaders reiterated their confidence that they believe the Aku Uka of Wukari is a compassionate father who would not let his children to continue to linger in the sun.


They said, "You have come to embrace your prodigal children, the lost sheep that you must bring home. We know that your priority on the throne in the kingdom is PEACE".


The Association also appreciated all the fourteen Chiefdoms in Wukari and their officials for the cordial receptions they accorded them during their visits to their palaces and peace building process.


The Aku Uka while responding to the Tiv Community said only government has the security to bring back the Tiv to their old place of abode.

"I have anticipated your coming few days ago. I have been thinking of your case always, I know that you can never avoid living with you people. This is not the first time this crisis has taken place.

"During the regime of Governor Jolly Nyame, the Governor brought back the people by providing transport and security. Even the present government has done something only that I don't know what has happened. If Hon. Tor-Musa were here I would have asked him how it ended. It is Government that has the security to bring you back, because our security Is in the hands of Government.

"We have not receive directive from government whatever has a beginning has an end. I advise you to go to the State Government so that the issue of your return will be faster," the first class traditional ruler said.

On his part the Abon Ziken said that if the Aku Uka had been given staff of office, he would have gone to Jalingo himself to settle this issue. But as for now he cannot travel out yet, "please go to the Government to make things faster."

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