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‘How Late Aku Uka’s Son, Adi Slapped Danji SS For Insulting Father At APC Meeting’

Fracas broke out at a 'Critical Stakeholders' meeting of members of Taraba State All Progressives Congress APC in Abuja after Hon Danjuma Shiddi, Danji SS was accused of insulting the late Aku Uka of Wukari during a 'heated political argument.'

Taraba Truth and Facts gathered that a son to the late first class monarch Prince  Adi Shekaru Masa-Ibbi descended on Danji SS for 'disrespecting his late father and mocking him with his death'.

Several eyewitnesses told Taraba Truth and Facts newspaper that Danji SS had referred to the late Aku Son as a thug who always bragged with his father's influence, "Now that your father, the king is no more let see who you will brag with" Danji SS was quoted as saying.  


Adi Husseini  narrating what transpired at a breakout meeting of Wukari stakeholder  said : "we traveled to Abuja for a critical stakeholders meeting of the party organized by the  National Working Committee in Abuja, So in the meeting, the Chairman of the Committee sent from Abuja, said that the National Secretariat, stating that is financially incapacitated for now to conduct elections in the state congress, so they will rather advice that a consensus be made among stakeholders of the party.


And considering the security issues in Taraba leading to the postponement of the congress, the report has got to them, so a consensus should be made and everybody agreed to comply.


So all the positions within the party structure for the state, were zoned to each of the senatorial districts,  We from southern part of the state were given 10 positions to vie for, we gathered as stakeholders and shared the ten positions into the five local governments making up the Southern zone.


For Wukari,  we were given Zonal Chairman of the Party and Assistant Publicity Secretary. When it came down to micro zone, we again in Wukari, met and discussed the modalities on how to bring up  suitable candidates for the meeting. So in the meeting for Wukari again, we were given time for Wukari to discuss each of the local government within the zone to validate the result of the zone and submit to the state level. In Wukari, micro level, we set up a chairman that will lead us, which is Professor Dalhatu Sangari, General AT Ibrahim, Chief Ezekiel Afokunyo, Chief  David Sabo Kente DSK, Hon Danji SS, Hon Josiah Sabo Kente, Alh Danladi Shehu, and a lot of other Stakeholders. we are of advantage in Wukari, for producing the highest votes in Taraba State, but we are only disadvantaged because, we are only given zonal chairman and assistant Publicity secretary,  which does not hold water, when it comes to making decisions  within the party structure. So for this reason, we all agreed that, the people with experience should continue with the office. At least they can influence certain things when it comes to decision making because they know the workings of the party. So all of us there now agreed that the incumbents should continue holding the positions.  

At this point,  Hon Danji SS stood up and said he doesn't agree to the consensus because he has produced candidates for the offices.

 For zonal chairman there are two candidate, the incumbent  and the person Danji SS brought form for, also  for Assistant Publicity Secretary there are also two candidates. The incumbent and the person Danji SS brought for, so all of us at the meeting supported the incumbents, that they should continue but Danji SS alone said his candidates must be given the offices at that point there were a lot of arguments.


So Hon Adi Prince son of the Late Aku Uka stood up and asked him (Danji SS) sir, what did you want us to do, he said all he knows is that, he is not comfortable with the consensus. So Chief Ezekiel Afokunyo now suggested that we go for voting since one person is  not comfortable with the consensus but Danji SS challenged Chief Afokunyo on who gave them the mandate to vote. Chief Afokunyo tried to explain that  If we don't come to an agreement, then we should cast a vote, he said he is not comfortable with voting and not comfortable with the consensus. It was at that point  Adi Prince  stood up and asked Danji SS what actually he wants, in the process, Danji SS said they brought in thugs into the meeting referring to Prince Adi as thugs.

Danji SS now faced Adi Prince and said now that his father, the king is dead who will you be bragging with, let him see how he will act now. Aku is now late let him see how he will brag, it was at that point Adi that slapped him, after the insult. When Adi slapped him, he fell to the ground and stood up to fight back . So they were fighting each other, and his candidate for zonal chairman also joined the fight. The police came and separated the fight.







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