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Column: Mambilla/Kashimbilla Projects: Failures of Taraba Political Representatives


Iliyasu Gadu

The Mambilla and Kashimbilla projects both situated in our state have run into a lot of untoward developments.

The projects if successfully completed and commissioned would transform Taraba state and Nigeria in many ways. Both projects would add a total of about four thousand megawatts to the national power grid bring the total capacity of Nigeria to about ten thousand megawatts. 

The projects will also boost water supply to the areas they are located helping to improve agricultural activities. Cumulatively there will be an around boost to economic and social activities in the areas. 

The Kashimbilla project is about 90 per cent completed and almost ready for commissioning.


The Mambilla project which has been in gestation for over 40 years has still not gotten off the ground. It has suffered many unfortunate summersaults, the latest of which was the sacking of Engineer Sale Mamman as Minister of Power for reasons of non-performance.


Engr Mamman is incidentally from Taraba state and he was expected to ensure that the Kashimbilla project was completed and commissioned, and for works to start on the Mambilla project. 


The former Minister has deservedly come under censure for his failure on these projects. But he is by no means the only public official that should come under the spotlight. There are some public officials from Taraba who should also be questioned on the failure of these projects.

Sincerely these projects should be of major concern to every influential persons from Taraba state, all politicians from the state supposed to unite as a political front in actualization of these giant projects that has the capacity to rewrite the history of our dear state for good.


1. Governor Darius Ishaku


As the chief executive officer of Taraba state what did he do assist by way of providing the enabling environment through favourable policies for the takeoff of the Mambilla project?


What is he doing to help in the completion and commissioning of the Kashimbilla project which incidentally is where he comes from. 


With these, does he really deserve to be elected Senator representing Taraba south?


2. Senator Yusuf A. Yusuf


The Senator representing Taraba central. He is from Gembu where the Mambilla project is located. He is also an Economist. This project should be his baby assignment. But apart from engaging unneccassary agro with Engr Mamman when the latter was Minister, nothing concrete by way of mobilizing his constituents, the National Assembly and pushing for the takeoff of the project came from him. He shares the vicarious responsibility for the failure of the takeoff of the Mambilla project.


And he is right now working to become the Governor of Taraba state come 2023. If he cannot ensure the implementation of such a very important project right under his domain how then can he run Taraba state as Governor?


3. Senator Emmanuel Bwacha


Ranking Senator representing Taraba South where Kashimbilla project is located. He is the Deputy minority leader in the Senate. A principal position in the Senate that should benefit the entire Taraba State.

Though from Marraraba in Donga Local Government, he spent his formative years in Takum where the Kashimbilla project is located. This project is 90 per cent completed and just need a little push to be commissioned. But the distinguished Senator has not said nor done anything positive towards pushing for the little matter of completing and commissioning the project which will transform southern Taraba which he represents in the Senate. 


He desperately wants to be Governor of Taraba state come 2023. How about that?


4. Senator Isa Lau


Senator representing Taraba north. Although both projects are not located in his Senatorial district, he nevertheless owes it to the good people of Taraba to work with his colleagues from Taraba to ensure the delivery of these projects. After all the benefits of the projects if implemented will be enjoyed by Taraba state as a whole. 

But like his Taraba colleagues in the Senate, this influential Senator has been mum on these projects. 


He too wants to be Governor of Taraba state in 2023. 


Fellow Tarabans. The failure of these elected public officials to ensure the implementation of these projects that would transform our state is to say the least, unforgivable. Of what use are they as our representatives if they cannot do the needful per the most important potentially game changing projects in our state? We did not send them to sleep in Government House Jalingo or the Senate while very important issues relating to our lives and livelihoods are on the front burner. 

Having collectively failed in this endeavor, these officials should cover their heads in shame and apologies to Tarabans for failing to stand for the state when it matter most. These projects will kick Taraba out of poverty and its sorry state. 


And we should take note for future references

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