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2023 Succession Crisis Tear Gov. Ishaku Camps Apart

 Infighting among key loyalists of Taraba State Governor Arch Darius Dickson Ishaku over who succeed him in 2023 has begun, Taraba Truth and Fact can exclusively report. 

The key figures around the governor are also battling each other to intensify their influence and promote some agenda in political decisions of the state, credible government house sources told this newspaper.


According to a source "there is this power tussle in the kitchen cabinet of Governor Ishaku- it's all about 2023 and who gets to have much influence in some certain political decision in the state, even from the Governor's camp they have started running campaigns of calumny against themselves which is not good for the administration. If care is not taken this infighting might add more to the woes of the Ishaku Administration.

"One of the closest person to Governor Ishaku who's from Southern Zone talks to Senator Bwacha regularly through phone of his friend, this has being giving the Bwacha camps an edge in getting key information and documents about Government," one of the sources said.


Another source noted that some of these powerful individual are already dropping names for the Governor to consider for the PDP Governorship ticket in 2023 and are doing everything to cut off some certain people away from the inner circle of the governor.

"They believe some people should be cut off the governor because of their growing influence not minding their contribution to the running of government in the state, for instance the Chief of Staff is oppose to dissolving the cabinet and he has frustrated several attempts to do so, they told him appointing new commissioners might spell doom for the PDP in 2023, rather they suggested that more people should be appointed as advisers.


"Within the Government, various persons around the governor are battling to discredit each other in other to gain the governor's trust to anoint their preference as his successor and get other positions ahead of the 2023 election. Many people nursing ambition for 2023 are doing everything to ensure they get the support of the Governor, even if it's at the detriment of the administration.   


"Those around the Governor are selfishly working at cross purpose and it's affecting the output of the Governor, his kitchen cabinets are not united, some of them are keeping strong alliance with key opposition elements of the Governor. They are feeding them with classified information about the governor, many of them are still hanging around the governor only to actualize their selfish political interest  the governor would be shocked that many of his lieutenants would work against his interest in the PDP during the next election." The source added.  


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