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Why am joining politics- Emir Muri Son, Sadiq


Engr. Sadiq Abbas Tafida  is a trained engineer and a Prince of the  royal family in  Muri Emirate Council of Taraba State. In this interview with Taraba Truth and Fact Newspaper, Prince Sadiq who recently joined politics gave reasons for pitching his tent with the People's Democratic Party PDP.  


 Briefly tell us who is Prince Sadiq Abbas Tafida?


Prince: From the tittle of my name, you may have my history. I'm a prince. I was born here in Jalingo,  the Taraba State capital by His Royal Highness, the Emir of Muri Alhaji Abbas Njidda Tafida and all my life I have been part of the royal family. For the past two hundred years our family has always held a royal office till today.  So since the creation of my family we have being in the  leadership system up till today. I hope by Allah's will we will continue. I'm a trained engineer from Budapest University of Technology and Economics,  Hungary. Right now I'm a farmer,  transporter and purely in the private sector. 


  Looking at your background as a Prince of the Muri Emirate, what prompted your decision to join politics and even joining the PDP in Taraba State?

 My decision to join politics  is mostly about my people. Because our parents have thought us that "Lamu" (power)  has changed. Because of this change,  for you to impact on your people, you have to be inside the government and inside the political atmosphere. In that place you will know more people and you will find ways to help your own people. This is why am going into politics. 

The PDP is  an opposition party at a federal level but in Taraba State it is the ruling party and  being in a royal family,  we are part of the government. And as such,  I also met PDP to be a well-organized party in the State. They have a strong structure. They have all their chairmen and their deputies from the national chairman to the state chairman down to the ward chairman. I'm somebody who likes organization. I like to go to organized places. Because of that I find PDP to be a worthy place: a worthy vehicle for me to implement my plans for my people. 


Do you think PDP will maintain its political dominance in Taraba State come 2023? 


Well, the PDP has always win Taraba State and our people have accepted its leadership and the PDP has changed this time around and for a long time since 2015 PDP has been metamorphosing. They have been correcting their mistakes. They are accepting people from all tribes and religions. With that, PDP becomes a general party for everyone, by Allah's will,  the people will continue to accept PDP.  If the party uses the right and good people, they will continue to rule Taraba State and deliver the dividends of democracy to our people. 

You coming to join politics at this time, do you have any future political ambition for 2023? 


Well for me,  since I  was a student, I have been looking at the political system. And I know it is leadership. I have leadership in my blood. So in the near future, God's willing I will implore the leadership of the party and the government of Taraba State to come and look at us, study us,  study our understanding and capacity and let them put us in places where we can help and contribute our quota - help them and help our community. So whichever capacity the party is willing to put me, I will try my best to serve but  also I always consider my family and my people. I will also contrast and compare issues.  I'm here to serve humanity not my selfish interest.


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