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Jukun Leaders Across Nigeria Back Bako Benjamin

•Says JDAN has given Jukun a Global Voice



Jukun Leaders from across the globe has thrown their weights and support for the National President of Jukun Development Association of Nigeria JDAN, Chief Bako Benjamin, commending his efforts in protecting interests of the Jukun Nation despite uninformed criticism.


Jukun Leaders who spoke with our reporters said the Bako Benjamin led Jukun Development Association of Nigeria JDAN has given the Jukun Nation a global voice in defense of his people.


They noted that the Association has the blessing of the Aku Uka Dr. Shekarau Angyu Masa Ibi, Kuvyo II and its duly registered with the government its executive board spread across all Jukun interest.  


They said the Jukun Youths and Socio-Cultural Development Association led by Hon. Zando Hoku is been used to destabilize the interest of the zone.


Many who does not want to be mention said all efforts to bring JDAN executive to sit with Governor Ishaku to discuss many issues failed on the part of the governor.

A Jukun Elite who is a Prince faulted the attack on JDAN leadership under Bako Benjamin describing it as misguided and uncalled for.

"You might not agree with his criticism of the governor but you cannot wish his efforts away, he is a rallying point for the Jukuns across the country, Bako Benjamin has brought together Jukuns in Nasarawa, Benue, Adamawa, Jos and even outside the country. It's very unfortunate that some people who are local war lords are discrediting these efforts for peanuts from government.


"But Zando Hoku is just a war lord, a booth licker who does not have any value in Jukun land and our people don't believe in him. The only thing he does is to organize war, they are the people who don't want this crisis to end because they are benefitting from it. Zando Hoku is a local champion in Wukari that does not command any followership even in Donga or Takum, can you compare such a person to Bako Benjamin who is well respected among Jukuns globally."


In Abaise, Benue state leader of the Jukun community  Atosi Danti said Bako Benjamin and JDAN is the only cultural group that link the entire Kwararafa people, noting all Jukun communities across the country respect JDAN.

"For us here we only know Bako Benjamin and JDAN as the only group protecting the interest of the Jukuns and old Kwararafa Kingdom, at a time when we are losing our identity as a people, JDAN came to the rescue to protect the people and we are always informed and carried along with happenings on any Jukun land or persons. Even the Aku Uka who is our Supreme ruler recognizes JDAN and Chief Bako Benjamin.



"We have never had someone in the entire Jukun race that has organized the Jukun people like Bako Benjamin has done not only in Taraba but in the whole country and by doing that he has saved a lot of lives, he had alerted the world about our plights severally and fought for our people even at his cost, he his bring the Jukun together. He is working with Jukun communities in Benue, Adamawa, Nasarawa to Gombe and anywhere you can find the Jukun people, they all know Bako Benjamin as a leader of the Jukun people.


Another Jukun leader from Donga  Danjuma Magaji said  the Zando Hoku led group is limited to Wukari, "and they are not properly coordinated but you see JDAN and Bako Benjamin is for Jukuns anywhere in the world and it's has the blessing of the Supreme Ruler of Kwararafa Kingdom, the Aku Uka. 

"We need to educate our people that beyond the walls of Wukari, the Jukun Nation transcend borders and as such JDAN has been a rallying point for our people both political and Socio-Cultural issues. He once led a delegation to meet an Inspector General of Police to protect the Jukun land, his interest his Jukun people and their lands, same Bako Benjamin supported the re-election of Governor Ishaku purely and basically because he is a Jukun man, Bako Benjamin has always put our overall interest first and that's why we will continue to stand by him always."



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