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For General TY Danjuma, Charity Begins at Home

There's always a point in one's life when everything looks up and you can see it  finally falling into place. For General TY Danjuma GCON, it is surely a good time to be alive. It must have been that at different points in his life, when he was faced with the necessity of life decisions; decisions that are interlocking with the future, giving back to his people took the pride of place in his final decision. 

But who can blame the people's General? There are some deeds in which profit and loss don’t matter; you just have to do them. Those are the

deeds woven in humanity. 

In December 2008, the ex-general set up the TY Danjuma Foundation. The Foundation’s principal aims are to provide durable advantages through the implementation of development programmes.

The Foundation operates more as a philanthropic organisation rather than simply as a charity. This allows for the foundation to seek out other deserving causes and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to partner with and make grants available.

The TY Danjuma Foundation seeks to alleviate poverty in communities by providing basic amenities, education for children and young adults while also providing free medical care for indigent people. $500,000 has been given out as grants to NGOs working to relieve suffering in Danjuma’s home state of Taraba.

Taraba is historically one of Nigeria’s most impoverished states, compounded by the absence of a health service which catered for the masses. Furthermore, the state has the highest case of river blindness and other debilitating illnesses.

The TY Danjuma Foundation is currently partnering with over 50 NGOs throughout Nigeria, and with the support and cooperation of 36 state governors.

One of the many NGOs, being supported by the Foundation, is CASVI working in Takum, Wukari and Donga.

CASVI’s main area of expertise is on the provision of free eye care services such as the treatment of river blindness in Wukari, Ibi and Donga.

In line with its vision of providing access to quality healthcare delivery, the TY Danjuma Foundation collaborated with Development Africa; a charity and international non-governmental organization to develop a modern, sustainable, and specialized mother and child facility in Takum Local Government, Taraba State.

The project commenced on October 24, 2016 and is situated on a 6-hectare land provided by the Taraba State Government, located opposite Government Day Secondary School along Takum-Lupwe road.

The primary aim of the RDM Centre is to provide enhanced service delivery of maternal and perinatal healthcare to Takum Local Government and surrounding communities. The Centre will strengthen already existing health systems within the Local Government and the state as a whole by providing the following services; maternal and child care, family planning, control of sexually transmitted infections, and management of common diseases in adults and children. In addition, the RDM boasts of a 24-hour ambulance service.

The Center has residential quarters for doctors and nurses to ensure the availability of health personnel at the Center 24 hours a day. It also has a solar system to provide power backup to RDM. The facility also boasts of an industrial borehole, with an attached water treatment facility.

This project has not only contributed to addressing the challenges of maternal and child mortality and morbidity in and around Takum, but is also impacting positively on the socio economic situation of the people in Takum by providing an estimated 100 direct job opportunities.

“The foundation is a Nigerian foundation and, as a result, will support initiatives across the country. The rationale for commencing in Taraba was simply to fulfil the old adage that ‘charity begins at home’. Now that we have a chief executive on board, we will examine different communities across the country where we can make a difference. My vision is that the foundation will play a pivotal role in building a Nigeria where all citizens have access to quality health care, education and equal opportunities to realise their potentials,” Danjuma said at the TY Danjuma NGO Consultative Meeting in Abuja in 2010.

Only few generals in this country commands national attention like General Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma does. When he talks, people listen and take him seriously. He has been a participant and a key player in major decisions that have shaped this nation. He still commands respect with lots of people believing in him.

Though largely known for his service in the military, Danjuma has also proven to be an astute businessman.

He left the military in 1979 and founded his oil firm and a shipping company, NAL-Comet, which now has more than 2,000 employees in Nigeria. He has many others flourishing businesses across the globe.

Born on December 9th, 1938, General Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma, is a soldier, businessman, politician, and philanthropist, who always managed to combine all of his careers. His native town is Takum in Taraba State. 

He was born into the family of Kuru Danjuma, the farmer who was also specialized in metal parts trade for farming purposes, and his wife Rufkatu Asibi. The birth town of Theophilus Danjuma, Takum, was a farming community, where the crops like rice, yams, and cassava were widely cultivated all around the neighborhood. 
There were clans and families who were involved in the production of crops.

Theophilus came from the respectable family – his father was very highly respected in society for being a hardworking and dedicated peasant, and all his ancestors were also very important people in Takum. 

The young Theophilus Danjuma started his basic education at the St. Bartholomew’s Primary School, which was situated in Wusasa. Later, he moved on to study at the Benue Provincial Secondary School, located in Katsina-Ala. In this school, he was very popular among his classmates and teachers. He participated in sporting activities and was the captain of the school cricket team. 

In 1958, Theophilus received the Higher School Certificate. The young man decided to enroll at the Nigerian College of Arts, Science, and Technology, situated in Zaria (Ahmadu Bello University). In this school, he made a decision to study History, by also receiving the Northern Nigeria Scholarship. Still, Theophilus Danjuma was forced to leave the university halfway through studies, in 1960. He went on to enroll in the Nigerian Army, where his amazing military career took a start.

On Monday December 9, the Abonta of Kwararafa Kingdom will celebrate his 822nd birthday; from all over the world the great Jukun legend is celebrated and it should be so, as no man can be separated from his shadows. 

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