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Tanko Bobbo emerges Chairman for Taraba Rice Farmers


The Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria(RIFAN) ,Taraba State Chapter has said it will engage more youths to boast rice production in the state.‎

The Acting Chairman Tanko Bobbo said i‎ts a policy framework for RIFAN to engage 70% of the youths in its programmes in order to boast production. So youths will be at the forefront and core beneficiaries under my watch‎
Bobbo lammented despite being  at advantage Taraba state has not performed better in rice production.‎

"What really baffled me while checking the performance of Taraba state into this important wealth-driven and hunger- elimination programmes was that we are almost zero, while state like Kaduna, Katsina and even Jigawa are far better in terms of participation.
When it comes to comparative advantages, Taraba state is second to none in both the seasons(dry and wet)."

"‎We have the vast arable,fertile and virgin farmlands suitable for the cultivation of rice, ‎we have enough manpower, The state has the highest number of unemployed young men and women due to the crisis and conflict in the Northeast.
We have a greater sources of water for dry season farming. The River Benue ,River Donga,River Suntai,the River Pai and the newly constructed Kashimbila dam.All these are an added advantage."‎
When Katsina state has 200,000 farmers who participated on yearly basis for all the season. Taraba state with all the above comparative advantages, we have only 3,000 rice farmers.This is unacceptable, its condemnable and we rejected it absolutely," Bobbo said.

The new RIFAN head said with‎ strong and committed leadership, he will empower Tarabans with  adequate information about the RIFAN activities for the benefit of farmers.

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