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Sadiya Gombe is a drug addict, SSG fights back

Muslims Council insists on SSG sack, as youths protest

Jesus teaches us to love everybody- Christians Forum

The embattled Secretary to the State Government, Anthony Jellason, has described Sadiya Gombe, a Hausa musician who accused him of hate speech, as a drug addict that should not be taken serious.

Jellason told journalists that he never said he hated Muslims or Islam but his words were twisted to blackmail him.

However, Taraba State Muslim Council on Monday called for the immediate removal of the SSG for openly coming out to declare that he hates Muslims and Islam.

Also, some aggrieved Muslim youths on Sunday peacefully protested against the embattled SSG whose voice was captured in an audio recording that resurfaced in the public domains recently expressing his chronic hatred and disdain for Muslims and Islam across state.

The protesters who went to the state Assembly complex were calling for his immediate sack and subsequent arrest for hate speech against Muslims in the state.

What I told Sadiya Maiwaka- Jellason

The SSG narrated his encounter with Sadiya, saying it was his first time of meeting her.

"First of all, I don't know this lady, she called at about 7.30am and told me she wants to come to my house and sing a song and I asked her my house? She said yes, I asked her what kind of song? She said Hausa music and I told her I don't like Hausa music, she wanted to ask me why but I turned off my phone.

"I came to office, after about two hours she came to my office, I met with various groups and was about going out when my orderly told me a woman was waiting and really wants to see me.

"She came in and said she is the woman that called in the morning about music, I said I thought we have concluded it, I told you I don't like Hausa song. I am not interested in Hausa song, mu ga ma ba, we have finished.

"She said ba Ka zo Musilishi, for God sake is Hausa music Musilishi? What does she denote, she continue to say Ba Ka Zo Musilishi. My words were I don't like Hausa music and I maintained my stand. Why should somebody force me to like Hausa music at this age of mine, why? She is a musician, she wants to sing and make money, if somebody say he doesn't like it, is it by force. In the video in circulation  there is no where I said I don't like Musilishi, if there's please point it out to me.

"The Musilim Council Taraba state also went ahead to say I don't like Muslims, they didn't bother to call me and ask me if what they have heard is true, are they being fair to me? So, because a Muslim says something and I said I don't want it means I am wrong?

"This woman is a drug addict, I went out and left her in the room with my orderly, I was told as she was going out she fell off there and she vomited and she continued to vomit, I think that was a reaction of over drug that she has taken and after some few days I heard something different that it's hate speech. ‎

"So  because I don't like Hausa music is hate speech? if it's a trap, I leave it to the world to judge but I have said it that this is what transpired between us. It was her voice that people were hearing not mine," Jellason said.‎

SSG Must go, Muslim Council insists

Ahmad Bose who is the Executive Secretary of the Taraba Muslim Council condemned the actions of the SSG and said they were capable of precipitating crisis and furthering the depletion of the already fragile relationship between the two major religions in the state.

He called on the state government for immediate removal of the SSG to show to the Muslim Ummah that his position does not reflect the position of the state government.

Bose said:  "Our attention has been drawn to the audio recording between the SSG Mr Anthony Jellason and Sadiya Gombe, a female artist, making the rounds where the Mr Jellason openly declared his hatred for the Muslim Ummah in the state and Islam in general.

"We find this hate speech very condemnable as it is capable of causing crisis and further causing division in the state.

"This speech is also contrary to his oath of office as a public office holder as enshrined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended. This utterance is already stirring tension in the state, and especially among the Muslim Ummah as it threatens the peaceful coexistence of the people of the state."

Jesus teaches us to love everybody - Christian Forum

The Progressive Christians Forum has emphasised the need for love in the state, saying that Jesus teaches love for everybody.

Leader of the Forum, Bro Samuel Bulus said ‎the SSG could have handled the lady in the said audio with the love of Christ rather than talking down on her.

‎Bulus said some politicians have succeeded in panting Christianity bad and intolerant in the state, insisting that the distrust between Muslims and Christians in the state is needless.

"Anyone who ‎does not love a human being created by the Almighty, does not truly love God.‎

"There are good people in every religion and bad people in every religion. It's unfortunate that some so called Christians are bad example, Christians must forgive and show love at all times. Those in power in Taraba State must be cautious that their responsiblities is for all religions.‎

"We recommend the SSG to take some weeks for retreat, if he's confused about Christians living, he should take the retreat period to read about the love of Christ and ask the Holy Spirit to open his understanding. We believe after this session, Elder Jellason would understand why he must love his neigbour - either Christians or Muslims.‎

"God is supremely above human knowledge, God has created us all, some of us Christians, some Muslims others worship God in other forms."

Bulus appealed to the Muslims to remain calm in the state.‎

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