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Leak Audio: ‘How Late Chief of Sansani Assassination was planned, Executed’


An audio clip in Hausa indicating how the assassination of Jankada II of Sansani Chiefdom in Gassol Local Government Area of Taraba State Abdulmutallib Nuhu Muhammad Bello was planned, executed and the master minds has gone viral.


In the audio clip, a traditional title holder in Kufayivillage area, the chiroman Kufayi Idi Abdullahi a brother to the village head Safiyanu Abdullahi was heard seeking the assistance of a Malam on how easily to eliminate the royal father.


The Chiroma said they got the phone number of the Malam from one Ali suspected to be a district head in one of districts ceded to Sansani Chiefdom following the carving out of Sansani Chiefdom from the former Gassol Chiefdom.


Chiroma said his principal and Senior brother the Village head of Kufayi Safiyanu Abdullahi mandated him to arrange with the Malam on how the assassination will be executed and asked of what was required for the project which they want to be carried out immediately.


The Malam asked the Chiroma in which way did they want the killing to be executed and the Chiroma said the third option which meant that they spoke previously and spoke in tones saying by the use of "Iron" meaning "Guns" and the Malam said there was no problem that was what should be done.


The Chiroma described the late monarch as ungodly who should be eliminated for them to have peace of mine and promised to provide all the requirements for the killing including what was required for sacrifice in three days time and the Malam said It was okay pledging to start planning towards the success of the plan immediately.


It was discovered that the audio clip went viral few days before the murder of the monarch and when his attention was called to it he responded that "God was above the planners".


Meanwhile, two of the village heads in SansaniChiefdom that of Gwiwan Kogi Ibrahim Hassana Baraya and that of Kufayi are playing a hide and seek game they do not stay the nights in their villages since the assassination of the royal father they sometimes surface in the morning and disappear shortly they hire thugs with AK-47 rifles at night to guard their Houses while they stay away.


Some indigenes of Sansani Chiefdom said the audio clip will expose all the perpetrators of this dastardly crime and be brought to book if the Taraba State Government and security agencies in the state meant business.

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