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Chief Of Takum: The Right Time Is Now!

Since 1996, after the demise of the last Ukwe Takum Ali Kufang, there have been several crises regarding the appointment of a first class chief in Takum. There has been absolutely no government or administration that was able to resolve the crisis and successfully appoint a replacement. In other words, the stool of the paramount ruler of Takum has been vacant for 28 years.

The immediate past government of Darius Ishaku attempted to create a solution to the more than two decades chieftaincy crisis but it was met by great opposition among the ethnic groups in Takum local government. Just like every other administration, the crisis was unable to be resolved till the expiration of the former governor's tenure.

Meanwhile, the absence of a paramount ruler in Takum has prevented meaningful development from happening in the region. The people of Takum have needs to be met, the region ought to have become a major development trailblazer in Taraba state but the unavailability of an authority in the grassroot has continued to rob the people off what they truly deserve.

Traditional rulers are an integral part of any government, they are not the stooges of governors; rather, they serve as intermediaries between the government and the grassroot people. They can be described as the bridge that connects the government and the people. Apart from their functions as a bridge, they are also responsible for the maintenance of peace and order, they settle disputes and ensure there is harmony in their communities. Therefore, the absence of any traditional ruler, regardless of the class, would definitely have an adverse effect on the people in the grassroot. A community void of a traditional ruler cannot be immune against ethnicity crisis, insecurity, under-development, mismanagement of resources, to mention but a few.

In recognition of the need for a traditional ruler especially in Takum since the demise of the last Ukwe Takum, governors that have emerged in Taraba state have tried to make sure another paramount ruler is installed for the major purpose of development and progress in the region. Of course, some of these governors didn't handle the process well during their tenures but the current governor, Dr. Agbu Kefas has done more than anyone would do to peacefully resolve the chieftaincy crisis in Takum.

Over the years, the major tribes in Takum namely Jukun, Chamba and Kuteb have always been the ones opposing the installation of a new Ukwe Takum and in a way to appease them, Governor Agbu Kefas through the state assembly approved the creation of three third-class chiefdoms and one first-class rotational stool between the tribes of Chamba, Jukun, and the Kuteb.

To make the process of selection transparent, Governor Agbu Kefas through the office of the Bureau for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs called for a meeting to select who occupies the newly created chiefdoms which the Kuteb-speaking tribe declined to attend.

The Commissioner for Information and Reorientation Zainab Usman revealed that the Takum traditional kingmakers have graciously accepted two persons to occupy the two stools of Chamba and Jukun Takum which necessitated government approval.

"The appointments of the following third class chiefs have been approved by the Governor, they are HRH Uhwe Bala Ephraim as 3rd class chief (Tsohon Jukun Takum) HRH Barr Sopiya Ahmadu Gboshi III as third class chief ( Gar Chamba Takum)," he said.

The kuteb appears to be the only tribe that isn't satisfied with the arrangement of a rotational first class traditional ruler among the major tribes and third class chiefs. According to Chief Emmanuel Ukwen, Chairman of The Kutep Yatso of Nigeria (KYN), a social cultural group for the Kuteb people of Taraba State, the seat of Ukwe was ancestral inheritance and so could not be shared with non-Kuteb people as being contemplated by the state government.

While it is understandable that the stool of Ukwe Takum has never been shared with non-kuteb people, there is also the need to know that there is no sacrifice too big or much for peace. The Kuteb leadership is focused on the status quo too much, forgetting that everyone, every tribe needs to be carried along for a peaceful co-existence when it comes to leadership.

For decades, Takum has greatly suffered due to the kind of opposition being fielded by the leadership of Kuteb and for how long will the region remain under-developed because of one tribe? The government is making efforts to restore normalcy in Takum and it won't speak well if one tribe out of three is sabotaging the government's efforts.

Takum has been given several opportunities to return to its glory days but they were not utilized. Governor Agbu Kefas has gone the extra mile to create another chance for the people, Tarabas should not allow the Kuteb tribe to sabotage this opportunity again. It is time to support the governor to put an end to this long-decade chieftaincy crisis.

 "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time is now."

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