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Court Stops 'Peace Committee' From Mounting Roadblocks, Extorting Motorists In Donga

A Taraba state High court sitting in Wukari, has ordered that all roadblocks mounted by the Donga Peace Central Committee, be removed and i...

PRP Guber Candidate Josiah Wukari Faults Gov Kefas On Ukwe Takum Stool

The Peoples Redemption Party, (PRP) governorship candidate in the 2023 elections, Engr Josiah Wukari Wasa has  described as insensitive, the position of  Governor Agbu Kefas on the Ukwe Takum Stool, saying it has the likelihood of throwing the State into chaos, thereby defeating the purposes and values of governance. 

Wasa who is also the leader of PRP in Taraba State decried what it described as the dwindling fortunes of Taraba State, even as it has accused the ruling party, PDP for running the State aground with its strange, unpopular and self-serving policies. 

Wasa in a press release made available to newsmen in Jalingo said Taraba has been pushed into a state of steady socio-economic  decline and retardation, in all facets, due to lack of clearly defined policy direction and bad leadership that the PDP has perpetuated on the State for close to two decades and following.

He accused the Governor Kefas Agbu PDP-led government in the state of continuing with the damage that Governor Darius Ishaku has inflicted on the State, thereby pushing the State on the precipice of infamy. 

He called on the leadership of the PDP, both at the State and National levels, to caution Governor Agbu Kefas against pushing Taraba State into the abyss of socio-economic anomie. 

"PDP is insidiously and steadily destroying our State. For close to two decades now, the Party had its knee on the neck of Taraba State, choking its nasal system and not allowing it to breathe. It is one form of bad governance to another. It has been a case of unfortunate succession, from one bad PDP governor to another." He stated.

The PRP stalwart criticized Governor Agbu Kefas' policy direction, saying that he has disappointed Taraba People with his abysmal performance which is nothing short of completing the infamous retrogressive project that the former Governor Darius Ishaku left behind. 

 "With his young age, coupled with his military background, a formation that is reputed for discipline, we expected Governor Agbu Kefas, though from the PDP, to do better.  But it is very disappointing to see that he has taken over the devastation of the State from where the former Governor Darius has left it. 

"Taraba State has never been this divided along ethnic and religious lines. The self–serving policies have forced people to jettison the fabrics of unity, brotherhood and tolerance, that they were known for, making many to consider self-help as a measure of survival. This is very unfortunate. Governance is about progress, development and above all, safeguarding the welfare of the people and protection of life and property. But the PDP led government in Taraba State, as presently constituted, has fallen short of the criteria. This is unfortunate. 

"Even in the education sector, which is the trump card of his administration, has been messed up. Go to our public schools in the State and see what is happening. It's a gory site. Schools are overpopulated, standards are compromised, facilities are overwhelmed and the morale of staff keeps depleting with every day that passes by. With the so-called free education, pupils are cramped into classes, mostly in dilapidated infrastructures, without uniforms and furniture, without regards to health concerns and human dignity. The so much talked about provision of uniforms and other learning facilities for pupils in the primary and secondary schools has been hanging in the air, with no hope in sight that it will be redeemed any moment soon. 

"Matters of government are not taken seriously anymore. All you hear from Taraba is one declaration to another, inaugurating committees and hopping from one embassy to another in Abuja, while Taraba people are writhing in poverty with no idea on what the government is doing. If this did not call for concern, nothing will." He said.

The PRP chieftain while faulting the rotation of 1st class throne in Takum said "there is nowhere in the world where a monarchical or traditional stool is rotated. This is a very bad precedent to create. "Traditional ruler-ship is linked to domains; these people that the Governor is giving this stool to, where are their domains?  Again, traditional rulers receive their remuneration by way of tributes from their subjects. When you create all these stools and chiefdoms, who is going to pay them? It is a way of depleting Taraba resources further. The fact that the wealth of the country is in the hands of the Federal 8Government does not mean that we should waste it with reckless abandon. We should be careful with it. We must expend it in a manner that will add value to our society. 

"What the people of the State need now is good leadership, protection of life and property and the empowerment of the people. We are tired of the poor leadership that the PDP government is giving to Taraba people. What we want is development. We do not want a situation where you divide people for personal interests, making them hate each other. This will serve no purpose but confusion and chaos. We don't want Southern Taraba, or any part of our State to be plunged into a chaos that will lead to destruction of life and property. If PDP has no idea to govern a very good state like Taraba ( nature's gift to the nation ), they should at least spare us the burden of throwing the State into a crisis situation" He stated.

Engr Wasa called on the people of Taraba State to remain law abiding in spite of all odds.  He urged them to keep faith with the Peoples Redemption Party, which he said has landed in Taraba State for good.

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