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Gov Agbu Kefas Wants To Rob Kuteb of 1st Class Stool in Takum, Kuteb Elders

The Governor of Taraba state Dr kefas Agbu is hellbent on robbing the kuteb nation through an executive bill he sent to the Taraba State House of Assembly yesterday Monday 19th February 2024. The content of the bill seeks to erase the title of the paramount ruler of Takum, "Ukwe Takum", from Kuteb language and replace it with "Kuru Takum" from Jukun language. The executive bill does not only seek to change the title of the first class chief but also to introduce a rotational system that gives Jukun and Chamba tribes right of ascension to the first class throne of Takum and by that break Kuteb traditional dynasty, erase first class stool of Kuteb and subjugate Kuteb to the rulership of minority tribes that have never ruled Takum. Recall that Kuteb ruled Takum from time immemorial through 1914 (when it was upgraded to 3rd class and subsequently to Second class) to 1996 when the last Ukwe Takum joined his ancestors. The stool was upgraded to UKWE TAKUM FIRST CLASS by Taraba state government based on antecedents of over 100 years. This bill that devilishly seeks erasure of UKWE title of the first class stool of Takum and also seeks to introduce rotation of the first class stool with two (2) other tribes of different customs and traditions falls short of law of natural justice and beats the tenets of morality. It is indeed worrisome that Gov Kefas is leading the heinous campaign of usurpation of the heritage of Kuteb people who have ruled Takum consistently for centuries with a throne well recognised by colonial masters and subsequent governments of Northern Nigeria, Gongola State and Taraba state, as exclusive preserve of Kuteb ethnic group. It is pertinent to know that Governor Kefas had threatened Kuteb in several meetings that he would snatch the first class stool of Takum from the Kuteb nation and he shall defend his actions by deployment of large number of security personnel to Takum to deter the masses from voicing out their dissatisfaction should they wish to. 

A governor who chooses the path of profanity and boast of gagging the Kuteb people with troops of well armed security personnel is perpetrating an act of broad daylight robbery that will boomerang in the nearest future. 

It should be on record that the Kuteb nation, the aborigines of Takum, has suffered perilous times in the hands of the Chamba tribes who are minorities in Takum and have never ruled Takum. These atrocities were aided by their Son TY Danjuma, a retired General of Chamba extraction.

In 1975 TY Danjuma pushed for a Chieftaincy gazette that sought to include his kinsmen, Chamba, in the ruling houses of Takum for ascension to the paramount throne that is the preserve of the Kuteb tribe. That did not see the light of the day as it was an administrative fiat and a coup against the people.

In 1997, TY Danjuma Masterminded a disturbing map of Takum that divided Takum into 2 segments without geographic continuity in land. That was in his quest to concentrate his kinsmen in Takum against geographical delineation and right to self determination. That is unthinkable. That is the current map of Takum that spells evil. 

In 1998, the Chamba money bags orchestrated an ethnic cleansing campaign that burnt down all the property of Kuteb in Takum, killing hundreds and rendering 80% of Takum down desolate and left in uninhabitable ruins. Since this period, the Kuteb nation has never known peace. With their money, they invite war to our communities killing and displacing thousands of Kuteb people from April 2022 till date by use of hired bandits yet label the Kuteb responsible for it, speaking through machineries of government because they control the seats of power 

Kefas Agbu's agitation to rotate the seat of UKWE Takum with other tribes by changing the title is ominous, inimical and pretentious as it is aimed to steal what does not belong to him.

We challenge the Governor who is daring the heritage of the Kuteb nation to expand this grievous sacrilege to Wukari, his home local government and abolish the title of Aku Uka and equally rotate traditional stool of Wukari. We equally challenge Governor Agbu to expand this gesture to all first class traditional stools in the state and test-run it starting with the throne of Emir of Jalingo. After all, what is good for the goose is good for the gander, 
At this juncture, I call on all traditional leaders of Nigeria to ponder this action of Gov Kefas whether they would be comfortable to have their traditional dynasty erased forever and the stool rotated with minority tribes that are just sojourners.

We wish to call on President Bola AhmedTinubu, National Security Adviser, Chief of Defense staff, IG of Police, DG DSS, DG NIA, traditional rulers (Sultan of Sokoto and Ooni of Ife) Aku-Uka, Taraba traditional raditional council and all men of good conscience to call on governor Kefas and speaker Taraba State House of Assembly to refrain from this action, withdraw the bill, correct Takum boundary and hand over the staff of office to Ukwe Takum.

Mr. Ande Filli
For Abuja Elders

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