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Tarabans In Abuja Back Kefas Agbu’s Plans To Move State Forward

 People's Democratic Party PDP Governorship candidate in Taraba State  Lt Col Agbu Kefas (rtd). during a meeting with Tarabans resident in Abuja shared his vision and plans of moving the state forward  if elected as in the forthcoming general elections.


In his welcome speech, convenor of meeting, Col Agbu kefas, noted that he wanted to formally introduce himself to the Abuja residents and to acquaint them with his plans and vision for the state.


He said of Taraba is blessed with individuals capable of developing the state if properly engaged, promising that if elected his government would harness the huge human resources to move the state forward.

"Taraba State is blessed with great individuals who can help solve our problems, individuals who are doing well outside the state, when elected we would engage them back home to develop our state and move it forward. Under my administration everybody would be important and allowed to contribute to the development of our state."    

He said government under his leadership would unite the people and promote justice among all.


 He said the meeting would be a continuous one to open up a free flow of ideas between the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and Taraba state. 


At the well attended meeting, various speakers spoke on the importance of the interaction, noting that many business owners want to bring their expertise to the state.

Earlier, while giving his introductory comments, Former Speaker of the Taraba State House of the Assembly, Josiah Sabi Kente, said the event was organized as part of the candidate's continued interaction with prospective voters ahead of the campaigns.


He said, "charity begins at home and our dear friend, brother and candidate felt he must meet with you the professional and business class here in Abuja. It is one of his core beliefs that his upcoming contest is for everyone and not just himself. This platform to serve as a think tank of ideas that can move Taraba forward"


Speakers at the event commended the conveyor noting that the Taraba residents in Abuja have always craved for such interactive session with the leadership "back home"!

In his submission, a Taraba state indigene living in Abuja, Mr Phillip Agyo said that there is a lot of potentials outside the state and that they could be tapped into. He decried the disregard for experience within the state, noting that many of the state indigenes export their expertise out side. 


Also  Amfani Bandawa said he looks forward to the Kefas Governorship for the candidate's faith in the vast potentials of the state citizens - something he said has been eluding the state. He pleaded with Kefas not to renege on any of his promises, stressing that leadership is measured by the consistency of the person.


Other speakers laud the attempt to rein in local expertise, remarking that many of them have ideas but are not taken seriously. They express optimism that they would be carried along this time.

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