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Ahmed Yusuf Gamaliya: What Emir Muri Said

"In the name of Allah the beneficent the most merciful, here is my senior son, Jolly Nyame our representative who has been honest to us and the entire state, he's a witness and we also shown him that he's our own, this is a true definition of a leader.

 "Here is with us, we have my son, Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, Danladi Baido and other two Deputy Governors, I want you all to hear from me today, I witness all of them with their good intentions, as you can see I sent Ahmadu out of the palace. You want to know why? I called Bwacha and Ahmadu to talk to them about what was going to be useful to the state, the next day Emmanuel Bwacha brought his own contribution and I didn't hear from Ahmadu since then, so may God punish him.

 "Here we held this state responsible just for two reasons, first is because we want to be truthful and is mandatory to every one of you here. If the king says this is the right way or right thing to do so we join heads together and work.

 "You can see this man seated here (former Governor) ,what took him to prison was as a result of not getting good advice from this hypocrite (Ahmadu) and everyone knew it.

I want to assure you all that I've draw my sword for the reason of bringing better development to the state and also every indigene of this state that is looking for way forward, I'll surely help him.

 "For the bastards "God said to Abraham that I made you a leader among people ,and Abraham  prayed to God that God should please make his family among them, that was granted to him but without hypocrite. So the king is abiding by what God said, no reduction no addition.

 "Am still assuring those that are bastards to come and meet me here with whatever they come with am ever ready to face them with God by my side. And is must to work for the state.

Here is the former Governor of the state seated, when you were in prison which among the governors requested for your release? Non, but it is my responsibility as a king and I also want to tell every Mumuye in Taraba State that they are my responsibility from now henceforth.


And am telling him to be honest am also telling all the entire Muri communities that nothing will bring us out of shame only sweat, too much sleep and laziness will not take us anywhere.


Am advising everybody to be hard working, stay focus on your work, and that this politics is not the first and last and politics is not your business.

For whosoever that says he's shameless leave him with the king. Thank you.


Being transcript of the Emir of Muri.  Alhaji Abbas Njidda Tafida, during the recent visit by the former governor of Taraba State Reverend Jolly Nyameh and his entourage to the Emirs palace in Jalingo.



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