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Late DIG Jonathan’s Children Fights Dirty Over Father's Property, ATM Cards


Children of the late retired Deputy Inspector General of Police, DIG Johnson Jonathan are at logger head over their father's properties and cash withdrawal cards  

The late DIG Jonathan who held the title Turakin Jen, died 12 of February 2022 was buried on March 19 in his home town of Karim Lamido Local Government area of Taraba State.

One of his daughter, Magna Faith has alleged that her brother, Justman Jonathan Johnson Jr. assaulted her over their late father's property.

Faith said she had flown into Nigeria to care for her sick father in January but on seeing that there were no good medical facilities in Jalingo, Taraba state, she moved her father to Abuja for proper treatment.

However, she said while the father was still in a coma, her brother, Justman Jonathan Johnson Jr. flew into Nigeria from the United Kingdom to ask for documents to the father's property and ATM cards as he had concluded that his father would not survive the ailment.

Magna said she rebuked her brother for demanding such and counselled him accordingly.

Weeks later, the father passed on and the brother Justman mounted more pressure on her to release documents of their father's property. However, she said there was an agreement between her and her other siblings not to have any discussion with regards to the property until after 40 days of their father's death.

She also noted that taking cognizance of the Jenjo culture which is highly patriarchal, she had agreed with her other siblings (sisters) never to claim the property but make it the sole right of their brother, who is the only son.

However, trouble started when Justman refused to calm down till the fulfilment of the 40 days, conniving with some relations who were once behind Magna and her sisters.

She said Justman forcefully came into her apartment and assaulted her, resulting in head injuries.

According to her, she filed a case at the police station in Abuja and Justman was invited but never honoured the police invitation.

Magna however alleged that one of their relations, who is a senior police officer had warned the police to desist from treating the case as it is a family matter.

She has called for justice, noting that she has no intention of claiming her father's property but only wanted to honour him by keeping on hold discussions with regards to property until after 40 days of the man's demise.

  "My dad was buried on the 19th. My brother has been asking me to hand over documents given to me by my father.

"My siblings and I have agreed to give him all he wants but he must wait until we have mourned our dead.

"Yesterday, he broke into the house I live in, broke through the security gate, broke the hind door and came to attack me. I was startled and dropped the kettle of water I had in my hands.


"He continued to attack me. We got into a scuffle and he hit my head and pushed me to the floor. I went to the police to report the case and gave a statement.


"My brother was invited by the police and never showed up until now. The police told me a cousin of mine who is a senior police officer called and advised them not to treat the case as it is a family matter.


"This cousin of mine didn't give me a chance to speak at my father's funeral because our culture is a patriarchal culture."


She gave further details on her Facebook page, saying, "This is what happens when you're a woman. My father took ill in January; I fly into Jalingo to care for him. I found there are no medical facilities good enough to help his situation and so I moved him to Abuja for proper treatment.


"While my dad was in a coma fighting for his life, my brother Justman Jonathan Johnson Jr. travelled to Nigeria to ask for documents for my dad's properties, ATM etc. I rebuked and counseled him about how the world would perceive his actions.

"My brother never stayed a night with my dad in the hospital. He ascertained my dad's health status and began pressuring me to move my dad to the house saying 'he may not recover from this and money is wasting'.

"My brother returned to the UK where he resides and kept pressuring my sisters and me to remove dad from the hospital.

"My dad's immediate younger brother instructed that I would not give him any document including my dad's ATM as they didn't trust him. 'We don't trust that boy, remember how he sold your dad's properties while he was alive'.

"We refused to remove my dad from the ICU and cared for him with the help of his sister and an assistant until he passed on to glory on the 12th of February.

"My brother returns to Nigeria less than four days to the funeral and begins to ask for cars, documents and more.

"Please Note: The Jenjo culture is patriarchal. Hence, my sisters and I never planned to withhold any properties.

"In fact, with the understanding that our parents died mysteriously within 14 months; we decided to put our enemies to shame by making sure we satisfied our brother's desires.

"This Is Where I Got Into Trouble! My dad's immediate younger brother and only sister invited me and requested that I withdrew funds from my dad's account. They stated these funds (millions) would be used for funeral arrangements.


"I advised I didn't have the right to solely withdraw funds for their use. My siblings and I decided we will finance my dad's funeral and nothing of his should be discussed until after 40days out of respect for him.
"That's when all hell broke loose. Until then, I was dad's favourite daughter who cared for him till death.

"Fast forward: I became a target as my brother threw four of us girls under the bus for dad's family to chew, seeing I was the only female who attended the funeral, my situation was awful. I miscarried a pregnancy and was in the hospital.

"I begged for 'their' forgiveness openly during the funeral and behind closed doors to no avail.

"My brother seized the keys to dad's cars and houses (which he didn't have to, they are all his as far as we are concerned). I packed my belongings and headed on out to the capital to get ready for my trip back to my base.

"I returned to FCT, behold my brother calls and continues to ask for other documents that are not in possession.

"I stated clearly that I was not interested in discussing properties or vanity until after 40 days when I have mourned my dad.

"My brother angrily visits the house, breaks the security gate and the hind door, barges in, startles and attacks me. Pls see the end result of his forceful entry…..

"I am putting this out there for the world to know what really happened. I am trusting God to heal from my head injury where I was bleeding from.

"Announcement: Please kindly tell Pastor Fiwukah that we understand that our dad's enemies are waiting to laugh us to scorn he should go get any and everything. We just want to mourn the loss of our dad in peace. The sin we committed, is to be born WOMAN!"

However, a policeman privy to the case told SaharaReporters that the police authorities do not want the case to be escalated as the father was the late Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), Jonathan Johnson.

According to the policeman who spoke on condition of anonymity, senior police officers and commissioners of police had advised the Divisional Police Officer in charge of the case to hold on as it is a family matter.

"Several senior police officers have called and advised the young lady against pushing a case because the brother is claiming he didn't assault her that she fell to the ground herself and sustained head injury.

"The brother said he already told her he was coming to the house but she refused him entry, and knowing it is his father's house, he got angry and broke in through the back door. He said by the time he got in, she already boiled hot water that she wanted to pour on him. As they were struggling, the water spilled on her and she fell and hit her head. That was what the brother claimed. No one was there to confirm who was telling the truth except their pastor whose number has been unreachable.

"The family already told her that they will settle the matter but she has refused," the officer said.

Meanwhile, Magna has insisted that the police should do their job instead of keeping off and describing the assault as a family matter. According to her, she only demands justice.

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