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Ahead of 2023 Election, Bwacha's 1999 Petition Against Gen TY Danjuma Haunts Him

•TY Danjuma Not Supporting Bwacha's Ambition- Source


A letter purportedly showing how the lawmaker representing Taraba South Senatorial District, Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, petitioned the National Assembly against the nomination of LT General Theopilus Yakubu Danjuma, and Mrs Salome Jankanda, has surfaced. 

 The lawmaker, in the letter titled, 'Petition Against the Nomination of LT General TY Danjuma and Mrs Solome Jakanda as Ministerial Nominee for Taraba State', advanced reasons why the national assembly should reject both nominees from the state.  

In the letter dated 27th July 1999, Bwacha argued that not only did both nominees come from the same Senatorial district, and tribe, Salome is also the wife of TY Danjuma's brother, Dr. Jankanda Danjuma.  

He listed other instances of TY Danjuma's alleged meddling in Taraba politics, particularly when he (Danjuma) tried to impose his brother, Obadiah Ando, on the state as governor after securing him APP ticket through his influence. 
The letter read, "I, as a majority leader for Taraba State House of Assembly petitioned against the nomination of LT General TY Danjuma and Mrs Solomon Jankanda, as Ministerial nominees representing Taraba State in the regime of General Obasanjo. This is because both nominees come from the same Local Government (Takum) and from the same tribe of Chamba. Mrs Jankanda is also a wife to the brother of General Danjuma by name Dr. Jankanda Danjuma even the name speaks for itself.  
"Mr. Senate President will agree with me that our constitution says these appointments should be spread according to geographical area and according to the quota system, how come only a particular area wants to nominate their appointees. 

"Sir, it is a known fact that General Danjuma is not  a card carrying member of PDP and he is not a popular candidate from the southern part of Taraba talk less of the whole state. Therefore, his name should be dropped for a more popular candidate. He also sponsored his own brother, a Chamba man by name Obadiah Ando in APP as its gubernatorial candidate which the people of Taraba State rejected at the polls. Senator Bala Adamu and Governor Nyame can testify on this. 
"I, therefore, request that their names be dropped and Governor Nyame should submit a fresh name to reflect our state for the sake of justice."
A source said contrary to claims by Senator Bwacha to enjoying support of General TY Danjuma, the former Minister of Defense has never declared his support to him.
"General TY Danjuma is not supporting anyone, even Bwacha is not enjoying any support neither has he endorsed. General TY is an elder statesman, people should stop using his name for political scores," the source said.

Bwacha has a history of backstabbing General TY Danjuma in the past, he has always worked against the interest of the retired General until 2015, another political expert said.

" It was when Bwacha was Lossing relevance under the UTC administration that he sought help from General TY Danjuma before then he has always fought everything General TY Danjuma stood for, basically because the General is a Chamba tribe while he is Ichen. Bwacha never regarded General TY Danjuma as a leader in Southern Zone.

"Bwacha today is claiming to be foot soldier of General TY Danjuma but have records of always working against the interest of General Danjuma, he has always fought everything TY Danjuma supported in 1999, he worked against Obadiah Ando which was largely supported by General TY Danjuma and other stakeholders from Southern Zone, Bwacha and his friend engineered how Jolly Nyame treated General TY Danjuma in 1999 to 2003, he also caused some rift between General TY Danjuma and Late Governor Danbaba Suntai.

" Look at the manner Dr. Obadiah Ando  re-nominated was opposed in 2011, Bwacha thwarted the bid by the former minister of Water Resources to return to the Federal Executive Council (FEC) insisting that Ando's nomination was not a product of consensus of the stakeholders as he was single-handedly re-nominated by Gen. Theophilus Danjuma, does a foot soldier behaves like that?

"Bwacha also stopped another nominee of General TY Danjuma, Senator U J Yohanna from Nyita Ward of Donaga  local government from becoming Chairman of FERMA and many other things he did locally when he was a Majority leader and commissioner under Nyame. So the General knows his foot soldiers who have always stood by him since not politicians who are fairweather."

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