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Court Stops 'Peace Committee' From Mounting Roadblocks, Extorting Motorists In Donga

A Taraba state High court sitting in Wukari, has ordered that all roadblocks mounted by the Donga Peace Central Committee, be removed and i...

You are an ingrate, frustrated for attacking Gov. Ishaku at Amb Njiwah's Burial,’

Youths hit Former Speaker Diah, Kataps


A youth group, Sardauna Youth Peace Vanguard has lambasted a former Speaker of the Taraba House of Assembly Abel Peter Diah and the immediate past National Vice Chairman of the PDP northeast Barrister G.T Kataps for insinuating that the late third class chief of Mbamnga Chiefdom Amb. Emmanuel Njiwah was frustrated to death by the state government.

The youth group  who described the insinuations as baseless and unwarranted said that the duo couldn't wait for the completion of the late traditional ruler's funeral rites before picking political fight  and inciting the people of Mbamnga Chiefdom against the Governor Ishaku's led government    

Reacting to the comments made by the duo at the funeral recently, leader of the youth group, Mr Larry Changko, said that the "the duo's  malicious activities frustrated and killed  HRH Amb. Njiwah but they now turn around to blame the same government that even sponsored a befitting  burial for the late traditional ruler."  Read full statement below



Re: At Ambassador Njiwah Burial, Angry Former Speaker Diah, Kataps attack Government


It is unfortunate that the death and burial  of a great politician, respected elder statesman and an ex envoy to the republic of Cameroon and a third class chief of Mbamnga Chiefdom in Sardauna Local Government of Taraba state HRH Amb. Emmanuel Chame Quiltomi Njiwah OON is ending with baseless political and inciting statements that has recently tend to hit the polity of the local government from a former Speaker of the Taraba House of Assembly Abel Peter Diah and the immediate past National Vice Chairman of the PDP northeast Barrister G.T Kataps.



To be honest if we are to ask these two politicians to tell the world how Governor Ishaku insisted that the late ambassador, elder statesman and respected traditional ruler be given a befitting burial ceremony and how he made financial resources available for that, the public would understand why their comments, anger and frustration is baseless and very selfish.


Everything about the burial was sponsored by the government and the immediate family of the deceased and we thanked the governor for sponsoring the burial and his show of love. Aside from delegating a very high profile team to represent his government at the ceremony, the First Lady Her Excellency Barr Anna Ishaku had personally paid a condolence visit to the late Chief's family in Jalingo before departing for the burial in Gembu, what else do they want from the government?   


For the record, there has never been a governor in the history of Taraba state who showed loved to the people of Mbamnga like Arc. Darius Dickson, is there any governor that has ever crossed the river Donga to Vakude or Bang if not the rescue captain?


Its  during Arc. Darius Dickson that Mbamnga got Speaker, Zonal Chairman PDP, House of Representatives. Even the Chiefdom issue, going by history, Sardauna local government as a whole has been longing for just District heads but this peace loving governor came and created six chiefdoms and also added districts, if not for the love the governor has for the local government would he given us the Chiefdoms?



Creation of Mbamnga Chiefdom and its Royal Ancestry 

What will these two ungrateful individuals would have been saying if the Chiefdom wasn't created?

For the record again,  it will be embarrassing for them to even open their mouths on chieftaincy issues in Mbamnga, because the true families eligible to talk of anything royalty in Mbamnga constituency are the Bovoa's in Bang, Mami's in Mbamnga, Lulduwa Jugubi in Vakude, Chulyemi (acting vakude village head), Jugubi Lulduwa (son to luduwa), Umaru Bah, then Usman Lelmo whose seat was forcefully collected by the former Speaker Abel.


Using his political influence, Abel gave the seat  to Elijah Musa who has no trace to royalty but because Abel's father's mother came from the Nyibar family even the Nyibar himself was only a Wakili in Vakude and Elijah Musa himself is from Gembu at Bem and his father name is Sol. Through Elijah's mother who is from Vakude in the Nyibar house, Abel uses his former speaker position to snatch Vakude chieftaincy from the real royal family.

It should also be known that the former speaker's mother is from Cameroon and not Mambilla by tribe, of course his father Peter Diah is from Mbamnga, whose mother is from Vakude, his father Peter Diah who by only virtue of his work in Sardauna local government  was given a title 'Marafa' by the late Emir Muhammadu Mansur of which everyone can be given the title and is not connected to any royal family in either Vakude or Mbamnga. Does it now mean because of the title he automatically belong to a royal family?


Barr GT Kataps is a Cameroonian


As for G.T Kataps, the former National Zonal PDP Chairman of northeast his grandfather is a Cameroonian, while his biological father came from Cameroon to settle in Gembu not even in Bang and was a headman of labourers with the Sardauna local government, though the mother to G.T's father is from Bang.

It was when G.T became chairman in Sardauna local government, that he seized the opportunity to go to Bang in search of his grandmother place, then forcefully collecting people belongings, even his present house in Bang was a land forcefully collected from an existing primary school then he relocated the school. And at that time, the Bovoa's are the village head of Bang, until after the dead of Bovoa who ruled for 26 years G.T forcefully collected it from the family. Other ruling houses of Bang were Jauro Ashua, Jauro John Tongal, then Jauro Bovoa.

Where did these individuals then has the guts to talk about their closeness to chieftaincy that they will even lie to the world that only the two of them with Arc. Darius knew about how Mbamnga Chiefdom was created? What will be said of Yakubu Mami.

Can they be bold enough to tell the world the truth  that Yakubu Mami is  major royal family in Mbamnga.

For us in Mbamnga, its saddening how people will get an opportunity to lead but will turn it into a family affair, trying to mislead our Mambilla brothers and the government just to acquire all positions to their family members .

Are there no other Mambilla people that are qualified to hold positions in Mbamnga? Or all positions must come from their camp,  must these set of greedy individuals channeled almost everything to only their families and relatives, is that fair?

For record purpose, it's the malicious activities of Abel and GT Kataps that frustrated and kill HRH Amb. Njiwah and they are pushing blames on the same government that even sponsored the burial?

You should wonder why they not even leaved the burial rites of the late Amb. Njiwah for his immediate family and close relatives if not for their political interests?

Since they said this is the beginning of talking, we are ready to talk for our people's rights too.

We want to use this medium to thank the rescue captain,  His Excellency Arc. Darius Dickson for the love he has shown the entire Sardauna local government so far, also that he should please never think that  Mambilla people are trying to make his administration ungovernable,  Abel, GT Kataps and their cronies are just greedy politicians that were power drunk and their nemesis has started catching up with them.


Mr Larry Changko

Sardauna Youth Peace Vanguard

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