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How Kidnappers Rake in Millions from Ransom in Karim Lamido

Kidnapping has become a daily occurrence in Karim Lamido especially in Karim II Constituency since early April, 2020. 

Report coming from the area has shown that almost all the major towns and commercial centers in the area have become target of armed robbers, cattle rustlers and kidnappers. 

The general insecurity in Karim II Constituency is exacerbated by the terrain of the area that have border towns with; Adamawa, Gombe, Plateau, Bauchi, and Nasarawa state respectively. 

Criminals from the conflict prone areas in the affected neighboring States are migrating to Karim Lamido due to its vast land, thick forest and rocky mountains, with the nature of the area, providing an easy avenue for  cross-border movement of criminals that carry small and light weapons (SALW) that are used in committing crimes. 
Within the period under review June to July 2020, kidnappers have forcibly collected and received over 100 million Naira from the defenseless people in Karim II Constituency alone.  
On 6th June, 2020 kidnappers attacked Andamin town and collected 8 million as ransom. Similarly, on Andamin market day on Thursday 18th, June 2020 traders were robbed over 50 million Naira in an operation that lasted four hours from 6am to 11am on the confluence route on Dogon Yelli mountain. 

Sadly, in Mutum Daya the commercial center of Karim Lamido Local Government on Monday 29th June, 2020,  two business men were kidnapped in Commando style operation. Over 12 million was paid as ransom for their release. The number of unreported cases of kidnapping are almost more than the reported ones in the media. Most of the kidnappings were carried out at the wee hours of the night. 

Again 12th July, 2020, another sad news coming from Bachama is how criminal gangs kidnapped the former Senator Taraba North, Ambuno Zik Sunday around 1:00am in his house. 

The major consequences of the kidnapping activities in the area is that, the area has now become the kidnappers enclave. Moreover, all business investment and farming activities have come to a halt while those who see themselves as potential target of kidnappers have started migrating to the cities in Jalingo, Gombe and Yola for the safety of their dear lives.

The terrain in Karim Lamido is difficult and easily accessible by criminals who exploit the lack or total absence of security  forces in the area to perpetrate their nefarious crimes. 

Unless, the Taraba State Government provides a military or police outpost in the affected border towns and major towns the area will continue to suffer from the attacks of armed bandits.

Nobody or community is safe from the unexpected attacks from kidnappers and armed bandits in the area. A Police Division is urgently needed or a permanent Joint Patrol team in Karim II Constituency. A community policing idea also need government support.

Taraba State Government response is seriously needed to assist the defenseless people and communities in Karim Lamido. A stitch in time saves nine. 

Mainasara Amphandi Writes from Bachama

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