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Exclusive Why Taraba Varsity Student was invited over facebook post – VC Prof Vincent Tenebe

●Says Students with bad characters won’t get University Certificate

The Vice Chancellor of the Taraba State University, TSU Jalingo   Professor Vincent Ado Tenebe has given reasons why a student was invited by the school disciplinary committee over his comments on social media, stressing that the school would not condone inappropriate characters among its students.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with Taraba Truth and Facts, Prof Tenebe stressed that the student’s invitation was in line with laid down regulation of the university, adding that the university is not a political entity. 
His words: “Universities all over the world provide certificates for character and learning. It is not done anywhere that a student in 100-level, yet to be matriculated will come and start writing against the management of the university without fact. And again, writing against the Visitor of the university, it is not because he is the governor. In the hierarchy of university’s leadership, the first principal officer of the university is the Visitor, after the Visitor comes the Pro-Chancellor, Chairman of Governing Council and then comes the Vice Chancellor and so on. So, where is it done that a 100-level student who is yet to meet any of the aforementioned persons will start publishing malicious allegations against the management he met on ground and you’d allow such to slip by? No. So, we invited him to come and prove the things that he is saying about the university. The laid down regulation is that such a student will face the committee and prove to them that what he or she is saying is true.
So, you expected us to allow a student continues libelous allegations against the system and we would fold our hands for the world to say it is true? No! We must allow him to prove that it is true or not. So that is what we have done and inviting him is the right thing.
He added that the student was not invited because he was criticizing the government of the day, but the visitor of the university.
The VC said : “The university set up is not a political thing. The visitor of the university by law is the governor of the state. The visitor of any federal university by law is the President of the country. So, it is not because he is the governor, it is because he is the first principal officer and the student is now writing against him. I also have publications that he wrote against the vice chancellor and I ignored that at first but when he graduated writing against the Pro Chancellor to the Visitor, so you want us to allow him to write against the President of the country before we invite him? We have to tell him that he is a student that is just coming in and not even a confirmed student yet, because if you are not matriculated, you are not a student yet.
The guy is not yet matriculated and he’s writing all that, what will he write when he gets to 400-level? See, we have to train our students with good character. Character is the first even if you graduated with a first class, if you lack character, we won’t issue the school’s certificate to such students. Even if you are a graduate of this university, and you graduated 20 years ago, if in your profession, you are found wanting in character, we will retract your certificate and we will publish it. Even universities have the right by law to withdraw certificate posthumously if they find out that the deceased is found wanting in character.
So, this student is acting out of ignorance and we want to put him in the right track by inviting him and showing him that we have code of conduct and I believe every institution have code of conduct guiding them with rules and regulation. Did he get admitted to the university so that he will use the opportunity to criticize the visitor, governor or whoever? Why was he not doing that when he was an ordinary public citizen in the state? Why must he use the name of the university to do that? And you expected us to leave him? No! That is not right.

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