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Mu'azu Jaji Sambo (MJS): Taraba Born Technocratic Politician

Before this time, I was apolitical by all standards, more of a technocrat who believes that our cerebral contributions subjected to the parameters of rationality can bring a societal change in the areas of our commitment.

Respectfully speaking, no grudge against politics or politicians, but as a technocrat, we would rather stay within the ambience of rationality and predictability rather than the intrigues, complexities or unpredictability of politics in our clime.

Interestingly, politicians need technocrats to deliver effortlessly on their mandates and vice versa, but rarely do you see the qualities of a technocrat and politician in one person. 
These qualities are professionally expressed in enviable measures in Mu'azu Jaji Sambo, FNIOB, MCORBON, MNIM, CON, Honourable Minister of State, Works and Housing (2021 - 2022), Honourable Minister of Transportation (2022 - 2023).

I am not one given to sycophancy, flattery, ingratiation, fawning, boot-licking or unwarranted exaggeration, but working closely and walking with this illustrious Nigerian has reshaped my perspective about life in itself and the inner workings of the institutions of government as it were. 
It is one thing to be brilliant, it is another thing to be intelligent, but brilliance and intelligence in themselves are not sufficient if you don't have avenues to express them and Individuals to guard and guide you. MJS is a complete package of this.

Mu'azu Jaji Sambo's simplicity, humility, pragmatic and philosophical worldviews are part of the qualities that endear the old and young to him. He is an active listener, a jolly good fellow, a humorist, a team player, a philanthropist, an avid reader, highly methodical, principled and vast. He is a gentleman who behaves with utmost courtesy towards everyone he meets. 

One thing about him I can never get over is his unassuming nature. He relates with everyone at the level of their cerebral capacity. When he is with a child you will think he is a child, when he is in the marketplace, he identifies with them immediately, if he is in the boardroom he is the guru. His malleability and people's skills are worthy of commendation - a man with a deep history of process and triumph.

As I have said in several fora - Seeing him tuck his legs under his frame on a prayer mat, in utter reverence and piety to his Maker, or watching him bask in the air of conviviality amongst his kin and acquaintances, it is easy to label him a commoner, or just any other person. But a second look at him through the lenses of a wise soul dawns upon one that he is greatness and mystery packed in a person. The verisimilitude of his essence exudes grace. His persona is endearing, his laughter is infectious, his concerns – sincere, his people skills – top-notch, his cerebral acuity – unique, his fatherly mien – large, his experience – vast, his philosophies – deep, his soul – beautiful, and above all, his type – rare. 

As his Lead Image maker, oftentimes I am caught in the web of principle and duty. I will explain. How can a man who constructed five (5) major roads in the Jalingo Metropolis won't want to go to the press immediately? He built classrooms, gave scholarships to lots of Nigerians, sent relief materials across LGA, secured jobs for hundreds of Nigerians, secured beneficial communal infrastructure and yet won't want to go the press? He will always say "Let our work speak for us". My work is to make noise about all his achievements, but would rather want us to go through the quiet route. I am therefore caught between the web of duty and the principle he holds dear.

When he made giant strides in the Ministry of Transportation, getting approvals for Major Projects, commissioning this and that, he was in the news almost every day, he turned down all press interviews. MJS will hold you spellbound in any discussion, he is cerebral to a fault, a tireless researcher, and an avid reader, so he is the delight of every media person, but he will rather turn down any opportunity to sell himself. In his usual words, "If we are always running to the press, it will look as if I am always looking for every opportunity to sell myself, let our work speak, I am just here to represent the president, it's not about me, it's about Nigeria" and that is it.
Hey, this is counter-cultural to a politician, but the technocrat in him always checkmates his political expressions. Once again, I am caught between the demands of duty and the uniqueness of principles. As a student of the School of Life, these qualities push me into deep thinking and appreciation for life's balanced perspective. His type is rare.

The door of his office and house is open to anyone. His act, art and heart of benevolence should be commended.

He is a simple man, he is simply complex and complexly simple. He is deeper than he looks and wiser than you think he is. No wonder a wise man once said, that deep waters flow in majestic silence. 

To work with him, you must be genuine, thorough and hardworking. Most times, I work with him late into the night, researching, and putting documents together, I mean he is actively involved in his papers. You don't go and cook up one write-up and hand it to him, he will read it line by line, to capture the thought behind it, the concept and message being passed across. He is always one step ahead. 

Despite his hardworking mien, the courtesy of his presence is always endearing. 
MJS will always make you feel good about yourself. His moods might be unpredictable, but his smile and laughter are always infectious. 

He is humble to a fault. He tells whoever cares to listen, that he rose from a very humble background and that the heights he has risen to are purely divine. 
MJS is not a perfect man, but to know him is to love him and to love him is to value him.
People first before himself.

We are not bastards, every son knows their fathers and vice versa. We are here today because MJS gave us the platform to express ourselves and duty demands we honour him so. Pro-MJS for life. 
Thank you for all you do sir.

Hamma, even if you don't want us to talk about your good deeds and want us to be moderate in expressing them, one thing is certain, the Almighty God will surely reward you, and he will reward you openly. 

The widows won't forget your deeds.
The orphans will never forget.
The hopeless people you built houses for won't forget.
The way you discharged your duty without fear and favour, God won't forget.
You have written your name in gold.
History will always be kind to you sir.
You are a good man sir, you don't have to prove it.

A lot to say about this detribalized Nigerian, albeit it is wisdom to know when to speak your mind and mind your speech.

May your light not go dim Hammah.
May you and your seeds be blessed.

Tafida Beka!!!

Dr. Idiagbonya Samuel
SA Media & Publicity to Mu'azu Jaji Sambo

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