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Jukun Community Accuses Wukari/Ibi Representative of Marginalization

The Jukun people of Wukari and Ibi Federal Constituency in Taraba state have accused their represen...

Tension In Zing As Emir Protocol Beat Imam To Pulp, Got Him Hospitalized

Some youths of Zing Local Government Area of Taraba State have called for the intervention of the Emir to make Abubakar Musa Doko face the consequences of his actions following the ugly incident of beating of Imam of Zing mosque by the name Abdulhameed Isa.

According to the story available to us, the Emir summoned the Imam who assured them that he would answer immediately after presiding over a wedding. Unfortunately, upon his arrival at the place, the Imam of Zing Central Mosque was violently attacked by the kpanti Zing protocol who beat him to a state of stupor that got him hospitalized. 

"We confirmed that the misunderstanding arose over the wedding of Tijjani Suleiman and Saratu Suleiman because the Emir wished to stop the wedding to frustrate the young lady from getting married to another man. 
"According to the Muslim tradition, when a man divorces a woman up to three times, she is free to be remarried by another man. However, the Chief didn't wish the lady to be remarried because the prospective husband was not rich enough to challenge him. 

"Sadly enough, Abubakar Musa Doko, the assailant has continued to walk free while the Imam is fighting for his life in the hospital. He is boasting that nothing will happen to him as he is above the law, " a youth told this newspaper.

"It is on this note that the youths are calling on human rights bodies and good people of the state to intervene to prevent further fracas as the youths are angry, calling for justice for the Imam before escalation of the issue. They want all the people involved like Baba Zing Lau and Shekara Ibrahim and Abubakar Musa Doko to be brought to book.

"All the Muslims in Zing LGA of Taraba state condemn the incident and want human rights and other agencies to intervene. They don't want such to happen again and demand a probe into the action of Abubakar Musa Doko if the Emir doesn't want to take action," the youth said.

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