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Taraba Born Rear Admiral Bushi Wins Outstanding Public Servant Award

Rear Admiral of the Nigerian Navy, Dr. Km Bushi (BSC,MBA,PHD,PSC,DSS,FCIA,FCSA) has been honored as the most outstanding public servant of the year 2023 by the Champion Newspapers.


Congratulating the Taraba born senior military officer, a youth leader from Donga local government    Amb. Ibrahim Dangata Inuwa  said the honour and award did not come to me as a surprise considering the honoree penchant for commitment to public service and ethical conduct.


Admiral K.M. Bushi has distinguished himself in both public and private life. In public life, he is looked up to by youth as a role model because of his tremendous zeal to serve Nigeria to the best of his ability. Admiral KM. Bushi has become a benchmark for younger generations in Nigeria. His passion for a new Nigeria can not be over emphasized. As far as evolution of Modern Nigeria is concerned, Admiral Bushi has paid his due but still untiring to do more. He carries out the mandate of his office with uncommon commitment and dedication. He is never found wanting in all the difficult assignments given to him.


In his private life, Admiral Bushi is extremely compassionate and generous to a fault. His quest for the upliftment of youth is second to none. He is indeed a icon of youth development and Empowerment in Nigeria. His benevolence is unprecedented in the contemporary Nigeria. He is reshaping the mindset and vision of countless Youth in Nigeria especially in the area of entrepreneurship. His unbiased attitude and disposition has endeared him to many across Nigeria.


This well deserved Award from Champion Newspaper on Admiral K.M Bushi is timely in view of the fact that he is still in public service as Rear Admiral of Nigerian Navy. It's my firm believe that the honour will undoubtedly inspire him to do more for Nigeria.


In his home state, Taraba, Admiral Dr K.M Bushi has helped a lot of people without making noise about it. He is absolutely averse to the idea of blowing his trumpet. In short, most of the people he has helped in Taraba State did not even know the helped came from him as he is fond of using third parties to provide assistance to hapless and underprivileged members of the society. His impact in the lives of our people in Taraba State is worthy of commendation. 


Admiral K.M Bushi is not only a Military General but also a scholar per Excellence. He has a number of books to his credit. A PhD holder. His remarkable antecedents is worthy of emulation. May God in His infinite Mercies continue to guide, protect and uplift Admiral K.M Bushi, PhD. Taraba people, especially the youths are proud of him. Posterity will certainly be kind to Admiral K.M Bushi for his exemplary service and leadership in Nigerian Navy. 


From Ambassador Ibrahim Dangata Inuwa, Youth Leader, Taraba State.

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