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Monitoring Team Insists On Quality Standards in Taraba Projects

A  monitoring team overseeing ongoing  infrastructural projects in Taraba State has called on contractors and engineers to uphold high standards in their ongoing work. 

Leader of the team Chairman of the  Vertical and Horizontal team, Mr. Philip Kadiri Angulu, commended  efforts of some contractors during a recent supervision session and urged them to continue striving for excellence in their work. 

The Vertical and Horizontal monitoring team in Taraba State has appealed to contractors and engineers to uphold high standards in their ongoing projects. 

Led by Chairman Mr. Philip Kadiri Angulu, the team recently commended the contractors' efforts and encouraged them to strive for excellence in their work.

Under the leadership of Dr. Agbu Kefas, the team is responsible for supervising various ongoing projects in Taraba State. These include the renovation of the Taraba State House of Assembly complex, the upgrade of the Kefas ultra-modern market Abatoir in Jalingo, and the construction of the Kefas modern truck park. 

Additionally, the team is closely examining the renovation and upgrade of the Presidential Lodge in Jalingo and a section of the Dan Baba Suntai Airport.

Professional builder Bitasol Samaila Jantare echoed the sentiments of the monitoring team, emphasizing the need for contractors to double their efforts in managing ongoing projects. 

Jantare emphasized the significance of delivering high-quality work to guarantee the success of the Taraba State government's initiatives.

The team's primary focus on maintaining standards and encouraging diligence among contractors is fundamental to achieving the desired results for the ongoing projects. 

Accountability and efficiency are crucial in government projects, and the team's commitment to overseeing the progress highlights the importance of these factors.

With constant supervision and encouragement, the monitoring team is actively pushing contractors and engineers to deliver work of the highest quality. 

This dedication not only benefits the state but also ensures that the residents of Taraba State receive the best outcomes from these infrastructure initiatives

The team is determined to vigilantly oversee the progress of these projects, ensuring that standards are maintained and that the government's vision for development in Taraba State becomes a reality. 

This vision includes improved facilities and infrastructure that will enhance the lives of the state's citizens.

Through the collective efforts of the monitoring team, contractors, and engineers, Taraba State is moving closer to achieving its goals of modernizing key areas of infrastructure. 

The commitment to excellence and the adherence to high standards will significantly contribute to the success of these projects.

The projects being undertaken are expected to have a positive impact on the Taraba State community. The renovation of the Taraba State House of Assembly

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