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Court Stops 'Peace Committee' From Mounting Roadblocks, Extorting Motorists In Donga

A Taraba state High court sitting in Wukari, has ordered that all roadblocks mounted by the Donga Peace Central Committee, be removed and i...

100 ‘Deaf Graduates’ Unemployed In Taraba

Persons with hearing-Impairment in Taraba State have appealed to the state government for increased support, calling for the creation of job opportunities tailored for over hundred hearing-impaired graduates across the state.

The chairman of persons with  hearing-Impairment  in Taraba state Ishola Abraham made this appeal during an event marking the International Week of the Deaf 

According to him, the plea is to ensure self-reliance, emphasising the potential contributions the deaf could make to the overall growth of society.

In addition to job opportunities, the group fervently called for the inclusion of deaf individuals by society, government and compassionate Nigerians in different activities they could undertake.

Abraham shed light on the challenges facing the deaf community, citing insufficient funds and a lack of societal care as significant hurdles. Despite these obstacles, he lauded the unity and commitment of the community, highlighting their financial contributions that made the event possible.

He underscored the pressing need for enhanced support in crucial areas, particularly education. Pointing to the Special Education Centre in Mutum-Biyu, Local Council, he urged the state government to address issues such as insufficient feeding and dearth of teachers to ensure the well-being and education of hearing-impaired students.

In a plea for awareness, Abraham urged individuals in authority and the general public to consider Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) in their interactions. He stressed the urgency of reducing discrimination, communication barriers, and limited access to education for the deaf community.

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