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Vigilantes Arrest College of Education Zing Staff For Robbery

Vigilante officials of the local government in Zing have apprehended one Zulfa'u Ahmed, a casual staff member at the College of Education, for his alleged involvement in robbery and various criminal offenses.


According to sources, Mr. Ahmed was caught red-handed burgling shops in the Zing area. Upon interrogation, he claimed to be an employee of the College of Education. Vigilante officials wasted no time in apprehending him and bringing him in for questioning.


Speaking on the matter, the Chief Security Officer of the College, Mr. Linus Wee, confirmed that Zulfa'u Ahmed was indeed a staff member at the institution. However, he revealed that the college's management had long suspected him of engaging in multiple offenses, along with irregularities in his primary assignment.


 Mr. Wee advised the Vigilante officials to transfer Zulfa'uAhmed to the Zing Division of the police station for further investigation. He stressed the importance of a thorough inquiry to ascertain the extent of his alleged involvement in criminal activities.


Mr. Wee used the opportunity to call on all other staff members of the College of Education to remain vigilant and steer clear of any activities that could implicate their lives or tarnish the reputation of the institution.


Members of the community said they are eagerly awaiting the outcome of the investigation, hoping that justice will be served swiftly.

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