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The leadership of APC Concerned Youth for Unity and Good Leadership has observed with dismay and bewilderment on the recent purported suspension of David Jimkuta, the Senator-Elect, Taraba South Senatorial District of Taraba State and the expulsion of Chief David Sabo Kente by the embattled former Chairman of APC, Taraba State, Hon. Ibrahim El-Sudi. 

For record and history sake, Hon. Ibrahim El-Sudi, is a former Chairman of APC in Taraba State. He was unanimously removed from office by the party state Excos before the last general elections owing to a myriad of mind boggling allegations against his person and also in defense of democratic norms and values in Taraba State. He was hell-bent in causing disaffection and rancor among the party leaders in Taraba State. To a very large extent, he succeeded in destroying the party before the recent general elections. History will definitely be unkind to Ibrahim     El-Sudi with regard to how he piloted the affairs of APC in Taraba State. His penchant for divide and rule policy was second to none and will continue to hunt him in his future political endeavors.      

Ibrahim El-Sudi does not have the loco standi to suspend or expel anyone from APC. The party is not his private property; therefore, he cannot be the alpha and omega in the party. His purported suspension of Jimkuta and expulsion of Chief David Sabo Kente is a joke taken too far. 

We are using this medium to remind him that he cannot give what he does not have.  Ibrahim El-Sudi remained suspended from our party. Ibrahim  El-Sudi does not have the legal power nor instrument to make such unguarded pronouncement that Chief David Sabo Kente is expelled from APC and Jim Kuta suspended. We are of the view that Ibrahim El-Sudi must be hallucinating when he made that unguarded pronouncement.

Ibrahim El-Sudi should know that his actions and pronouncement are totally unconstitutional, null and void because he has breached the constitutional rights of both Chief David Sabo Kente and David Jimkuta to fair-hearing. Although, he does not even have the legal capacity to do so. 

Let it be on record that Chief David Sabo Kente and David Jimkuta invested a lot in our party APC. The Duo campaigned vigorously for our President Elect in Taraba South. They organized a zonal rally for the President Elect in Taraba South which was well attended by party faithful. The rally was the only open campaign for Tinubu in Taraba State. No individual in Taraba State did something similar to what Chief David Sabo Kente and Jimkuta did for the President Elect in Taraba State. It is indeed a terrible oxymoron that those who were fingered in anti party activities in Taraba State during the presidential election are the one calling pot black. Right from day one, we knew that people like Ibrahim El-Sudi and Senator Emmanuel Bwacha were mole of PDP in APC. They never meant well for our party, APC. We are grateful to God for exposing them. 

If we are talking about anti-party activities by APC members in Taraba State, Two prominent persons cannot escape being referenced due to their ignoble role against APC in Taraba State. It is an indisputable fact that Ibrahim El-Sudi as Chairman of APC in Taraba State began his anti-party activities while Senator Bwacha was in PDP. He was caught severally hobnobbing with Senator Bwacha as a PDP Senator. He has been a loyal friend to Hon. Victor Bala Kona, former PDP Chairman in Taraba State. There was a time that there were widespread allegations that El-Sudi was a PDP agent in APC due to his loyalty to Hon. Bala Kona.

For Senator Bwacha, his campaign against our party presidential candidate, Bola Ahmad Tinubu was an open secret. During Senator Bwacha campaign tour, he was caught severally campaigning for himself and Peter Obi of Labour Party in Christian dominated communities. For him, that was the only way to victory but nemesis caught up with him. The level of anti-party activities Senator Bwacha and Ibrahim El-Sudi engaged in before and during the elections cannot be over-emphasized. If we are in a clime where party supremacy takes pre-eminence over party members, Senator Bwacha and El-Sudi would have been expelled from the party long ago.

Based on the foregoing, we are using this medium to call on our national leaders in APC and our President Elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu to be  wary of Senator Emmanuel Bwacha and Hon. Ibrahim El-Sudi. The Duo contributed nothing to the party. They made our party suffer defeat. The defeat would have been monumental if not for the timely intervention of Chief David Sabo Kente and the Senator Elect of Taraba South, David  Jimkuta who spent their hard-earned resources to mobilize party faithfuls and  electorates to vote for the party presidential candidate, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu . 

We are also using this medium to call on APC faithfuls in Taraba State to remain resolute and unwavering in their support for our party. With our Senator Elect Taraba South David Jimkuta and Chief David Sabo Kente as leaders of APC in Taraba State, we are confident that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Light must surely prevail over darkness in Taraba State. Those who derive pleasure in sabotaging our party APC, should have a rethink and kindly join hands with our Senator Elect, Jimkuta and chief David Sabo Kente to rebuild our party. Those who came into our party through the backdoor should give peace a chance and allow God's will to prevail. 

It must be noted that with the recent development in our party in Taraba State, once the 10th National Assembly is inaugurated, David Jimkuta being the only APC Senator in Taraba State will naturally, traditionally and constitutionally assume the position of the leader of APC in Taraba State. We are of the view that it is extremely too early and premature to start fighting the highest elected office holder under the banner of APC in Taraba State. 

In conclusion, the leadership of APC Concerned Youth for Unity and Good Leadership humbly call on our President elect to carefully identify and reward those who have contributed immensely to what the party garnered during the presidential poll. Chief David Sabo Kente has paid his due in Taraba State APC. He has invested his energy, time and resources for APC in Taraba State. People should be rewarded based on their impact on the party.  


Comr. Jamilu Bawa


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