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Exclusive: How Bwacha Betrayed, Abandoned Danji SS

•Danji SS Ignore Bwacha In Letter To Supporters, Urged Them To Vote 'For A NEW TARABA With Great Courage' 

Embattled APC Governorship Candidate Senator Emmanuel Bwacha had allegedly abandoned Hon. Danjuma Usman Shiddi, Danji SS during his political travails to emerge as APC Candidate for Southern Taraba Senatorial District Campaign, political sources said.

Danji SS had loses his case at Supreme Court which affirms David Jimkuta  As the candidate of the APC and Senator Elect for Southern Taraba.

"After the Court of Appeal Judgement sacking Danji SS as APC Candidate for Taraba South, Bwacha never made any effort to help him regain the ticket at the Court, he was fixed on putting his name on the ballot, as leader of camp, Bwacha refused to deployed political and financial support to Danji SS struggle.

"DSK took the case of David Jimkuta very serious while Bwacha didn't act as expected, Bwacha betrayed many of the people in his camp, he never cared if they win or lose their elections, his interest was just winning the Governorship election.

"Danji SS was angry also that Bwacha during an interview on Channels TV acknowledged that David Jimkuta won the election without any references to him. Bwacha never spoke to an political leader about other APC candidates in his camp."

However Danji SS in a press release issued after the Supreme Court judgement refused to call on his supporters to vote for the APC governorship candidate, Senator Emmanuel Bwacha.

Danji SS rather urged his supporters to vote for a new Taraba State with courage.

He  appeals to all the citizens and residents of Southern Taraba to embrace peace and continue to work for the progress of Southern Taraba, Taraba and Nigeria. 


1.0 Dear Southern Tarabans and Teeming Supporters, let us be clear. Electioneering is not a task for the faint- hearted or the unserious or pretentious minds. It demands great courage, capacity and resourcefulness. And this time, with the decision of of the Court of Supreme Court today, we are ready beyond the ordinary. Our resolve to reset current political power dynamics and BUILD A NEW SOUTHERN TARABA that works for all is iron-cast and unshakeable like the Rock of Gibraltar.

2.0 I am a firm believer in the judiciary and the immeasurable promises of our State and great country. Notwithstanding the outcome of the Supreme Court decision today, like a great majority of our people, I am wholly convinced that it is in our self-enlightened interest to quickly and responsibly redeem our suppressed greatness as Tarabans. This will promote us and protect future generations. Therefore, to BUILD A NEW TARABA is a selfless promise that must be met with great courage.

3.0 I appreciate you all for the largely sustainable gains made in many respects in our communities over the years. I must appreciate all of you for the reawakening in politics, economy and the quest for an inclusive society. And a special mention must be made of the people of Wukari, Ibi, Takum, Donga, Ussa and Yangtu Development Area for the effort committed towards an enduring and peaceful society, particularly during this electioneering season. I commend our communities and traditional leadership at all levels for providing courageous leadership at crucial moments. Posterity will remember our traditional institutions and royal fathers, under whose exemplary leadership we are spoken of for good. I appreciate you all for engraving an indelible mark in our hearts which will be difficult to erase. May your reigns be long and hugely successful.

4.0 I must thank all of you the good people of Southern Taraba for the honour bestowed on me and unwavering support I have been enjoying, for my modest contributions to the growth and development of our communities spanning over seven years since I got elected as a Member of the House of Representatives representing Wukari/Ibi Federal Constituency. I thank you all profoundly, for this great honour and wish to also congratulate you all for being able to take bold decisions for the benefit of our communities devoid of skewed partisanship and for carrying everyone along. I enjoin us to continue in this light as in the remaining days, my leadership is poised to consolidating on this path of progress in the overall interest of our people. 

5.0 To be trusted, leadership ought to flow from demonstrable commitment to the public good in the spirit of service, empathy and sacrifice. As the Member representing Wukari/Ibi Federal Constituency, I work humbly and prayerfully each day with all my strengths to serve our people's best interests and promote our collective greatness. I remain passionate about working for our people. To this end, like always, I remain committed at all times to excelling in the three major constitutional functions of our legislature: lawmaking, representation and parliamentary oversight. My entire work in the House of Representatives is dedicated to raising the bar of legislative excellence and delivering visible dividends of democracy to all our people across Taraba State, and indeed Nigeria. This has yielded immense historic gains.

6.0 I must appeal to all the citizens and residents of Southern Taraba to embrace peace and continue to work for the progress of Southern Taraba, Taraba and Nigeria. We must avoid utterances which readily inflame passion and cause division amongst us. We must extend due courtesies to each other, parents and elder. No tempest of politics should be strong enough to break this current of brotherhood and amity in our communities.

6.0 I beseech all our media aides to shun all temptations to deepen all forms of divisions in the interest of Southern Taraba, Taraba and Nigeria, particularly, the teeming electorates who look up to us for political leadership direction at these crucial moments. My current engagement as the Member of the House of Representatives has limited my participation severely but I read nearly everything on the social media space especially as it affects our communities. I appeal to all our media aides and people to refrain from exacerbating the current divisive utterances and tendencies in our communities. Taraba and Southern Taraba in particular belongs not only to a select few but all of us. Tarabans and Southern Tarabans in particular also lay claims to its ownership deservedly. We cannot afford to have a divided and weakened society along political, religious, ethnic fault lines or other divides. 

7.0 While appreciating our media aides and teeming supporters who use the best of their abilities in prosecuting our collective vision, mission and conviction for a Southern Taraba Senatorial District that works for all with courage, I enjoin you all to work seriously, on mending the discontents which threatens to tear us apart. The judgement of history will be harsh on all those who engage in activities which lower our rating in the estimation of reasonable and good people of our communities. 

8.0 Elections have been won and lost with attendant litigation which culminated in the verdict of the Supreme Court today. I therefore ask that those who won should be compassionate and magnanimous in victory and those who the Court did not favour should be courageous enough to accept the verdict in good faith and press on in the service of our people at different levels. 

9.0 I request all of you to keep faith alive and remain focused and continue to pursue your legitimate businesses within the precinct of the law. We are better and greater together. The struggle continues until Victory is assured.

Hon. Danjuma Usman Shiddi, MP
Member representing Wukari/Ibi Federal Constituency, Chairman House Committee on Internal Security,
House of Representatives,
National Assembly,
March 18, 2023

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