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Kaka Leaders, Chiefdom Unite, Chiefdom Stakeholders Tender Apology

 • I HAVE FORGIVEN THEM- Rev Victor Falack



The General Public may recall that a publication made by "kaka Vanguard" published by the Taraba truth and facts dated Feb. 23rd 2021 was written against His Royal Highness, the Nkum Kaka, Chief Philip K.M. Adda. The said publication generated series of Rejoinders by the Mambila Elders and Kaka chiefdom. The various write ups became legal issues and the unity of the Kaka Nation was seriously threatened.

          To broker peace and the much needed unity among the Kaka people, the matter was brought to the Board of Trusted (BOT) of the Kaka Cultural Association (KACA) to proffer a lasting solution and further ensure the unity of the Kaka Nation.

          The BOT discovered that the so called "Kaka Vanguard" was a faceless group and was only being mischievous. On the other hand, the writers of the rejoinder from the Kaka Chiefdom wrote a retraction of the allegation leveled against Comrade Job Isaac Lingmu and a number of others. In the spirit of brotherhood the apology was accepted.

          The two letters below are hereby published to serve as a guide to the Taraba State Government and the general Public.



Hon. G. A. Yawe                                     Professor Jacob K. Nyanganji

Nganguk Kaka Nation                             Nganguk Kaka Nation

Chairman B.O.T                                       Member B.O.T






Good news reaching me confirms that the internal conflict that has bedeviled the kaka nation for over a year has eventually been laid to rest following a letter of retraction and apology published to that effect.

My identity, profession, character and personality were badly damaged in that publication. I was approached severally by respected personalities, including a delegation from the Board Chairman, Kaka Cultural Association, to kindly forgive those behind act. 

Some of the signatories to the document met me in privy and pleaded for forgiveness. They exonerated themselves and explained to me how they were coerced into signing the document. 

As a Christian and a clergy, I am duty bound to forgive those that offend me. I want to state categorically that I have forgiven the masterminds behind the ungodly attack against my father, my immediate and extended family members and myself. I pray that this affliction shall not arise again.

I am constrained to write this personal epistle because some persons are still very suspicious of me that I have not forgiven my offenders. Truly, I have forgiven them, evidenced by my directive to my lawyer to withdraw all legal proceedings in respect to the matter.

The unity of the Kaka nation is very central to my heart. I have proven this commitment times without number by matching my words with action with verifiable testimonies to that effect. Our fathers placed a curse on anyone aimed at disuniting the Kaka people through a derogatory classification. In accordance with the pronouncement of our fathers, may this curse be established in the life of any unrepentant kaka son or daughter involved in this persistent derogatory classification of the kaka people in the name of Jesus!!!


The Lord bless the Kaka nation!! Great nation!! peculiar people!! blessed people!!!



Rev. Victor Falack, PhD.

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