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Old Politicians Are Taraba’s Problem, Vote Them Out- Group


Says Taraba Needs Fresh Faces, Ideas in Governance



A new group, Taraba Must Progress Movement has emerged in Taraba state with sole mission of ensuring fresh people emerges as leaders in the forthcoming election saying old politicians in the state have failed over the years and should be voted out in 2023.


The coalition comprising of selected civil societies organization and youth groups said for Taraba to progress, the people must vote for new people who will inject fresh ideas to governance in the state.


The coalition which has  Dr Joshua Garba as its Chairman said   It's time for Tarabans to wake up and change those who have been in the corridors of power since 1999, "they are the problems of Taraba state since its creation.


"These groups of people are found in all political parties, they have in the last 23 years served the state but where do we find ourselves? These politicians are the problem of Taraba State, they have lived all their lives on our state resources, they have accumulated wealth for themselves and brought poverty on the state and its people. They are planning to continue in 2023, we must rise and stop them," the group said in a statement.


Garba said that Taraba needs a new crop of leaders, especially in the political arena,  "2023 elections provide another opportunity, and another expectation by our people, as they need strategic leaders who can set a new direction for the state, mobliise the resources of the state, mobilize the people and ensure that the challenges that have hampered the development of Taraba State are overcome.


He said the new group would champion a campaign to ensure old politicians in the state are not re-elected during the next election.

The statement reads in part: "We are here to champion a good course that would liberate Tarabans from the shackles of old ideas that have failed us in the last 33 years. Look for new faces in any political party of your choice and vote them into offices, it's time to try something different.


"We have been into advocacy discussing how Taraba will move forward, but finally we are leaving the advocacy part to go into the real action. The real action is to vote out our problems- these old politicians has nothing new to offer our state.

So, we just need to do the needful by electing new people who have the capacity, competence and capability so that we do not make the errors of the past where electing people was based on pre-modal considerations, loyalty, ethnicity or religion.

"We need leaders who will be able to convert the potentialities of Taraba into development, so that it will not just be economic growth, but that the wellbeing of the people will be improved either in terms of health, education, infrastructure, agriculture and employment so that we will have a Taraba that we can all be proud of,"  the Taraba Must Progress Movement said after its inaugural meeting in Jalingo the state capital.

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