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Court Stops 'Peace Committee' From Mounting Roadblocks, Extorting Motorists In Donga

A Taraba state High court sitting in Wukari, has ordered that all roadblocks mounted by the Donga Peace Central Committee, be removed and i...

Nigerians need a president who can unite its citizen

By Ambassador James Erebuoye 

Nigerians should optimistic towards voting a presidential candidate that will unite citizens of Nigeria. Religion, tribalism and negativity has eaten deep into the minds of many Nigerians to the extent that so many still believe that nothing good can come out of this country. 
The politicians need to step up their game in the advancement of this country by being more patriotic, transparent and ready to serve the people that voted them to power and not see it as an opportunity to enrich themselves and oppress one another. Concerned Nigerian Network in Diaspora have decided that it will be compulsory that all 2023 presidential candidates must participate in the presidential debate to enable each of them tell Nigerians home and abroad what they have to offer come 2023. 
The next presidential elections in Nigeria will be a great opportunity for Nigerians to get it right by voting the right candidate of their choice. Lamenting after every election, will never bring any change rather than bad omen to the society, instead of waiting to lament after the elections are over, its better to get your voter's card ahead of 2023, as all votes must count.  
2023 elections will be an opportunity for Nigerians to wake up and get things right. Nigerians especially the youths still have more time both on social media and other means to reach out to one another and make sure they turn out in their numbers to vote, come 2023. There's only one key solution to solve the country's problem that is, people voting the right candidate to lead the affairs of the country and be held accountable for their failings, 2023 will mark the end of politicians' promise and  fail campaign.

Erebuoye  is the President, Concerned Nigerian Network in Diaspora.

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