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Bwacha: A day of reckoning has come..


Let first start with the petition Mr Emmanuel Bwacha wrote against Gen TY Danjuma and Chief Madam Salome Jankada in 1999. 

In that petition, owing to mischief, he lied that Madam Jankada is a Chamba woman whose husband is related to Danjuma, which is not so. Madam Salome is an Ichen woman married to a Chamba man that is not related to Danjuma. He, again lied that Obadiah Ando, who is a Kpanzon man is Chamba -- All in a bid to smear Chamba people and linked the duo them to disqualification. Ando's disqualification led to the retardation of the Kashimbila Dam Project.
Mind you, Gov Nyame compensated Bwacha for standing against the ministerial nomination of the duo with a Commissioner for Agriculture.
Attempts to attribute Bwacha's mischievous acts as struggles to ensure equity from his media team does not hold waters, Bwacha is famous for pulling others down in order to gain favor and remain in the pedestal of relevance in the political sphere.

He orchestrated a plot against an elder statesman, late Senator UJ Yohanna who was appointed a board member of FERMA. Bwacha stood against it until the appointment was revoked. The elder stateman's sin was that he didn't take side with injustice but stand by the truth. He was an Ekpan man from gindin dutse where Bwacha claimed Ichens were dominant, which is not true. 

Bwacha manipulated Gov Nyame to frustrate another Chamba man, Bulus Maiyaki who was then member of SEC representing Donga. He lied and incited former Gov Nyame against Maiyaki till he left politics. 

Bwacha's past is indefensible. He has ruffled feathers and stepped on toes. We have not forgotten how he misled late Governor Suntai to having issues with a Chamba monarch, leading to several embarrassments. Governor Suntai fought unnecessary wars with innocent people who didn't know how and what joined them in an altercation with him. Many of them were consumed in the fights. Bwacha fabricated all these to demean them.

All in the bid to do away with competition and stand as the most superior in Donga and Southern Taraba.

He brought down Barr. Uba Maigari as Deputy Governor, 2003) by ensuring that former Gov Nyame manipulated the House of Assembly  to sack him only by giving the dog a bad name to do away with it. 
Why? He saw the level at which the Chamba politician was going and concluded that he would become a stumbling block in his quest to subdue other tribes in the future.

It is no longer arguable that 'juicy' white color jobs goes to his Ichen kinsmen. On records of those he facilitated their employment, If you see any one other than Ichen, check the person's maternal inclination. Jobs like CBN, Customs, NPF are for his kinsmen. 

But when it's time to share  motorcycles, tricycles and 'foreign used' vehicles - he remember our people. 

He rose in politics through lies and cutting down of others, particularly great men of Chamba origin.

Bwacha initiated plan that  sidelined Chamba in Donga on power rotation.

Bwacha introduced religious politics in southern Taraba. Eventually the party he was telling Christians not to support because it's Islamic party has eventually become his safe heaven. 

Antecedents of how Bwacha emerged as a candidate in an election that gave him House of Reps took place in Takum, at late Uncle Polycarp Istifanus' residence. Barr Adda, out of our people's unanimous resolution asked him to align with Bwacha against Rima Shawulu, which he graciously did. None of his Ichen kinsmen was there - But sadly when he went to the National Assembly he forgot our people's act of benevolence and started attacking them to ensure they don't raise head. 

Concerned Chamba Group of Southern Taraba 

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