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Fresh Moves to Return Bika, Kwambai, Jenuwa Kogi, Jenuwa Gida Wards to Takum LG


Lawyer Writes NASS, Faults Sen. Bwacha, Rima Shawulu

There is a fresh move by prominent indigenes of  Yangtu Special Development Area to ensure the return of its four wards to Takum Local Government, Taraba Truth and Facts gathered.

The move which started early this year has seen many prominent members of Yangtu SDA renewing their commitments to ensure the Federal Government to restore Takum local government to its original boundary as at 1996 which has these affected communities inclusive.

The four wards described as orphan communities are Bika, Kwambai, Jenuwa Kogi and Jenuwa Gida with an estimated population of over One Hundred Thousand people  was initially in Takum Local Government  area until 1996.

The communities in a protest letter to the Senate President Senator Ahmad Lawan lamented that they have been disfranchised for over two decades, stressing that they were not able to participate in the democratic process at their wards level,local government and state House of Assembly elections.

"In essence, members of the communities are not eligible to contest for any elective post like councilor, Chairman, State House of Assembly member because they did not belong to a local government recognized in the Country." The letter said.

The letter signed by Andesiunde Yakubu, Esq said the unconstitutional formation of Yangtu Special Development Area show's its non- existence legally in Section 3 (6) and also parts I and II FIRST Schedule to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and has not addressed the anomaly which has lingered for over two decades. This has led to agitations by the concerned communities and hence the complain letter.

They said  it is unjust to push out Bika, Kwambai, Jenuwa Kogi and Jenuwa Gida that are 3 kilometers or less from Takum metropolis while Kashimbila, Bete, Nyarum, feten, Manya, yukuben and a lot more Towns and Villages that are more than 40 – 50  kilometers away to be in Takum, describing it a glaring and visible injustice.


"The non- enjoyment of civil, political, economic, social, cultural rights and sustainable development enjoyed by indigenes of other local government councils, etc. We see the denial of the rights to decide on their political affairs in the nascent democratic regime as citizens of this great country- Nigeria as a great Human Right abuse situation."

Yakubu  faulted  Federal Lawmakers representing the affected communities for continually showing lack of political will to address the lingering  issue on the floor of the National Assembly.

They also lamented that  southern part of Taraba state where these communities belong "is proud to have its sons represented in both the Red Chambers  and the Green Chambers in persons of the Senate Minority Leader, Senator Dr. Emmanuel Bwacha and Hon. Rima Shawulu Kwewum respectively, but whose voices seems not to have been heard on this grievous matter. This only remains a mystery to many from these communities.

"We are in a civilian and democratic setting where the rule of law is strictly adhered to. Many Decrees, edicts and bye-laws that were made during the military juntas and interregnum has been amended and repealed in our civilian government successively even up to this current administration. The reasons are not far fetch from the fact that such laws were made without consultation and in total disregard to the custom, tradition and will of the people which does not represent the true state of our contemporary Nigeria which this letter call for likewise attention to the people who have been marginalized and unfairly left out of democracy process of electing their representatives.

"With the foregoing provisions, your Excellency, this was not the case with the Bika, Kwambai, Jenuwa Kogi and Jenuwa Gida, as they were not consulted neither did they demanded not to remain in Takum. It is our humble expectation, Your Excellency and all the members of the National Assembly to do the right thing and correct this injustice and abuse of power and Human Rights that occurred during the military era, as we are now in a democratic government with conscience , and as such call for the attention of the Federal Government to listen to the plight of these people and to give them a sense of belonging in this country after when they were pushed out for 23 years today with no representation or voice in our democracy.

"We urge the Federal Government to restore Takum local government to its original boundary as at 1996 which has these affected communities inclusive. The Government should  set-up facts finding Technical Boundary  Committee in accordance with the National Boundary Commission (Establishment) Act, Cap.238,LFN.1990 to enable the commission through facts finding technical boundary committee ascertain the plight of these communities thereby restoring them to Takum Local Government Area," the letter reads in part.

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