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No Apologies for Donating 'Wheelbarrows' – Maigari

Taraba Truth and Fact Report
As outrage has trill donation and distribution of 14 wheelbarrows to the members of truck pushers association, zing branch by a House of Representatives member representing Jalingo, Yorro and Zing federal constituency of Taraba state, Maigari Bello-Kasimu.

Bello Kasimu speaking in an exclusive interview with Taraba Truth and Fact Newspaper said he has no apologies for the distribution of wheelbarrow because the beneficiaries are members of his constituent already doing the business and specifically requested for his assistance in owing wheelbarrow of their own, saying it was not a constituency project but a personal effort assisting the people.

His Words:  ''The went to my office in Zing and told one of my aides that owing a wheelbarrow of their own would help their current economic conditions because they rent the one they are using currently at 300 daily, when the information got to me, I made arrangement for the purchase and told my aide in Zing not to write anything on the wheelbarrows indicating that it was from me because am not using it to campaign, its just a way of making impact in the life of the downtrodden but some people who lost elections and every means to sit tight as a Rep Member are making a mole hill out of nothing. 
''The fact here is that somebody needs has been met, if these beneficiaries before goes home with 1000 daily now they will go home with additional 300 or more because they are not renting the work tool, imagine what 300 saved during work days will be at the end of the month.
I believe some much that some day from the little these people will save from this wheelbarrow business, their story would change and they will become great entrepreneurs, we must respect their decision to get engaged doing something, its better than lazying around town. We have more people doing the business and cannot afford to own a wheelbarrow calling and I will buy it for them. These also shows how accessible I  am to my constituents, we once have members that once they get to Abuja our people don’t see them until the next four years.

''You see, my empowerment will captures everybody in my constituency, a truck pusher has same electoral value as any other person, so as shoe shiners, so they deserve to be empowered, there's hope for truck pushers because i myself once push wheelbarrow in that same area, while i was growing up i did all these work like pushing charts, riding Okada, infact i was the assistant secretary of Okada riders in my local government not because my father did not send me to school but I just want to be independent, I want my financial freedom and look at where I am today,'' he said.

The lawmaker added that he currently donate 100 chairs and table to primary schools every months  in his constituency, ''have done 3 months and the fourth month is already been constructed,  also we are giving about 10 youths scholarship to travel abroad for studies.''

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