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Jukun Community Accuses Wukari/Ibi Representative of Marginalization

The Jukun people of Wukari and Ibi Federal Constituency in Taraba state have accused their represen...

Taraba Truth and Facts bring snippets on what Governor Ishaku promised, has performed better? Has he made good of his words?

Editor’s note: In 2014, senior political journalist Ayodele Samuel engaged Governor  Darius Ishaku on why Taraba State should elect him as its governor ,Taraba Truth and Facts bring snippets on what  Governor Ishaku promised,  has performed better? Has he made good of his words? How is he handling  the Jukun-Tiv crisis in Wukari? How much have been wasted under Governor Ishaku?
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FLASH BACK: Acting Governor has wasted 10bn- Darius Ishaku
Architect Darius Dickson Ishaku, is the immediate past Minister of State for the Niger Delta and a leading governorship aspirant in Taraba state, in this interview with AYODELE SAMUEL in 2014 said he will changed the fortunes of the state if elected. .

Why do you want to govern Taraba state?
I want to govern Taraba State because I  want to change that state and to provide natural health care, that has not been done. I want to bring development to the State, I want to bring peace to the State, I want to bring prosperity to the State. This are the more reason I desire to govern the State,  as you’re aware, Taraba State is one of the troubled states in Nigeria today. Since Governor Danbaba Suntai was involved in a plane crash in 2012, things have not been the same in my state any longer. Peace has eluded us. What we hear now is war, war, war. There has not been infrastructural and economic development. The state is indebted to the tune of N10 billion, and you can’t point to what the money has been used for. There is, therefore, the need for an intervention, and I want to intervene by taking the bull by the horn. In summary, what I intend to do is to change things. I  want to bring back peace. We have to do things that would be of benefit to the state and the acting governor his not doing that. 
If you are elected as the Governor of Taraba State what will you do to produce lasting solution, Peace to Taraba State?
Immediately am elected, peace will come back to southern Taraba, people have lived together in peace for years, an external force has come to create tension and suspicion in our people, our people have lived for many centuries and we’ve not been having this kind of problem with one another. There was peace before now, during Danbaba we used to have peace, this crisis started in the last two years, it is an external that has come to create this crisis for us and I am equal to the task I will bring back the peace I will bring our People together to talk, prosperity cannot come when there is war, chaos it can only come when there is Peace and that peace we will bring it back we need peace. There was peace before now, when Danbaba was there we don’t use to have this, it was after Danbaba left that this crisis started happening. We are going to bring back that peace that use to exist; we are going to make that effort within our people. We’ll dialogue with the people to ensure that the war ends in Wukari and other places. The battle would have ended by now if the current government had engaged in genuine dialogue with people. But that has not been done, and our people keep fighting and killing each other frequently, the acting governor has lost a lot of goodwill. Nobody from the Southern part of the state is happy with him because of the wars. There have been as many as six wars fought in Taraba State in recent times, and this has affected Taraba Central Senatorial District negatively.
How will you access the present State Government by the Acting Governor? How is the State fairing?
All is not well with the State, the state is not fairing anymore, a state that Salaries are not paid as at when due, a state that there is nothing tangible that you can point at under the acting governor, virtually everything is broken down, the recent congress we did was marred with  irregularity, everything is irregular forcefully done. Nothing is happening in the state apart from chaos, most of the projects the acting governor is campaign about are false, there is nothing done apart from campaign of hatred, dividing the state among ethnic, religion lines.
The State is polarized in all facets: in religion, ethnicity, people are divided against themselves, we should to be an harmonious state, we coexist, cooperate   together peacefully until the last two years, so this is a strange thing that is happening, we are saying no- let this fellow should finish the acting period and go. And I am telling my people that I will create the difference, I will bring back peace, prosperity.

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